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Why People Can’t Move When Electrocuted

July 27, 2021


Before life personally see people get an electric shock in the rural areas, a big ye while working at home in the village accidentally broken wires touch on the wall. Big ye run into wires, knocked to the ground immediately, hanging down on a wire and hear the sound of the old body, suck her. Scenes are so frightened people.

Coming to his rescue, next-door neighbor saw to cut off the power supply first, big ye not seriously injured, Boyle was lying on the ground, unconsciousness, murakami people to get an electric shock to the hospital after a rescue to escape.

At that time, don't understand the electrical theory, has been for the electric wires down big ye, absorb Boyle events are confused, then studied the electrical principle didn't understand was one of the reasons:

We have two common electric wires, and a wire, a call landlines. Wire to the voltage is 220 v, the person standing on the ground come into contact with the skin is broken wire, insulation current through the human body into the ground, forming an electric shock.

When the current through the body, the body's nervous system stimulation, get an electric shock parts immediately twitch, involuntary muscle contractions.

Unfortunate to get an electric shock when the muscle contraction, if hold the electric wire, or on wires, can't get rid of the power supply, current through the body more and more strong muscle contraction more, others see is shock were electric suck more and more tightly.


So someone in your life to get an electric shock the science of processing?

Someone get an electric shock, must be timely rescue, can look for dry sticks around the wire from the first shock out of him, quickly cut off the power switch, and then savePeople, otherwise, get an electric shock the people will die because of nerve palsy the heart stops beating, at the same time, also to prevent save people because exposure to get an electric shock and produce new electric shock.



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