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8 Best Drill Bit Sharpeners: for Tool Maintenance

April 23, 2024

Author: Leb
Personal blog: https://lebshare.blogspot.com

Drill bits aren't cheap, but they seem to dull quickly. Whether you're drilling holes in dense hardwood or hardened steel, some drill bits seem to lose their sharpness within minutes of taking them out of the package.

Instead of tossing dull bits in the trash, you can restore their cutting edge with the best drill bit sharpeners. These tools help place a sharp tip on an old drill bit, grinding the tip at the perfect angle. The result is a fast-drilling, clean-cutting bit that does the same job, if not better, than a new one.

Whether you choose an electric bench grinder or a grinder attachment, there's a solution for your dull drill. Your drill bits will last longer if you choose the best drill sharpener for your needs from this guide. Each of the top choices below was selected after an in-depth market review and thorough product review.


Best Overall: Drill Doctor 750X Drill Sharpener

Runner-up: Drill Doctor DD500X Drill Sharpener

Best Value: Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Sharpener

Best for Professionals: Wen BG4280 Drill Grinder

Best Compact: Drill Doctor X2 Drill Sharpener

Best Bench Grinder Attachment: Tormek DBS-22 Drill Sharpener

Most versatile: Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife & Tool Drill Sharpener

Also Consider: General Tools 825 Drill Sharpening Attachment


8 Best Drill Doctor Sharpeners


1. Drill Doctor 750X Drill Sharpener


If you're looking for an electric benchtop drill sharpener that makes good use of your old drill bits, then the Drill Doctor 750X is worth a look. Users can adjust the 750X to any angle between 115 and 140 degrees, which means this sharpener can handle almost any angle. It also creates an edge at the end of the bit, called a "split" bit, which creates a sharp point for drilling precise holes.

The Drill Doctor 750X can sharpen bits as small as 3/32-inch and as large as 3/4-inch, making it suitable for any drill that a DIY enthusiast might use. It's also equipped with a diamond grinding wheel, so sharpening new edges on carbide bits is no problem.


2. Drill Doctor DD500X Drill Bit Sharpener


If you're looking for a foolproof drill sharpener, Drill Doctor's DD500X is the perfect choice. This drill sharpener has two preset angles, 118 degrees and 135 degrees. These presets allow the user to choose the correct angle for their type of drill without having to worry if they are off by a degree or two.

The sharpener is equipped with a diamond grinding wheel that easily handles HSS, cobalt, or carbide bits. It also "splits" the end of the bit to produce more accurate drilling. It can sharpen bits between 3/32 inch and 1/2 inch to handle most of the bits in the standard kit.


3. Drill Doctor DD350X Drill Sharpener


Sharpening drill bits is all about saving money, and the Drill Doctor DD350X will do that time and time again. This low-cost drill sharpener allows users to put a new 118-degree grind on old, dull drill bits. It can handle any drill size between 3/32-inch and 1/2-inch and comes with a diamond grinding wheel to help users get the most out of the sharpener.

Because it doesn't create a split point, the Drill Doctor makes it compact so it can sit on a shelf without getting in the way. There are no angle adjustments, which makes it a great tool for those looking for a simple, straightforward drill sharpener.


4. Wen BG4280 Drill Grinder


Those who are experienced and accustomed to bench grinders should feel right at home with this model from Wen. Designed for versatility and effectiveness, this drill sharpener features a 5-amp variable-speed motor that runs at 2,000 to 3,450 revolutions per minute and can sharpen virtually any size drill bit.

As for user-friendliness, this Wen also comes with a built-in work light, hardening tray, dual eye shields, large and easy-to-read on/off switch, 80-grit and 36-grit grinding wheels, making it safe and ideal for drill sharpening as well as cleaning and deburring. Although this model is expensive and, at 41 pounds, not the most portable option, it has the durability and effectiveness for long-term use.


5. Drill Doctor X2 Drill Sharpener


DIYers and professionals in need of a portable drill sharpener will want to take a closer look at the Drill Doctor X2 Sharpener. Weighing in at just 3 pounds, this versatile, compact model is small enough to fit in a toolbox or case. Featuring a motorized drop-in design, this Drill Doctor can be used wherever you need it to sharpen bits, tools, knives, scissors, and more.

This compact but powerful model offers side-by-side sharpening and is made with a two-speed motor, 1/2-inch chuck, 20-degree sharpening guide, sharpening blade, and 118-degree drill sharpening port. For added convenience, this Drill Doctor comes with replacement sharpening disks and a user manual.


6. Tormek DBS-22 Drill Sharpener


Those shopping for bench grinder attachments will want to check out the Tormek DBS-22, which can help turn expensive drill bits from dull to incredibly sharp. This drill sharpener allows the user to adjust the angle from 90 degrees to 150 degrees with an adjustable split angle.

The result is a fully customizable drill with incredible precision and fast-cutting capabilities. It can handle bits as small as ⅛-inch and as large as ⅞-inch, providing an excellent range of work. The jig can be used with any type of drill bit, but for carbide bits use a diamond grinding wheel.


7. Work Sharp Ken Onion Cutter and Tool Bit Sharpener


The Work Sharp Knife and Tool Bit Sharpener can help you out in a pinch. While not a specialized drill bit sharpener, this model provides a quick edge on your drill bits so you can get back to work quickly. It features five belts with different roughness levels, allowing users to place a serviceable edge on HSS or cobalt bits.

While users may not be able to replicate the exact angle manually, they will be close enough to drill effectively on larger bits. It also meets all the sharpening needs of knives and scissors, as well as chisels and other cutting tools, although carbide bits may be too much for this tool. Weighing in at a relatively small 53.6 ounces, it's perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts to transport.


8. Universal Tools 825 Drill Sharpening Attachment


For those who already own a bench grinder, the General Tools 825 Drill Sharpening Attachment is an affordable way to deal with a bunch of dull drill bits. The fixture bolts to the table and uses the side of a grinding wheel to create a sharp edge on old drill bits.

The sharpener works on bits between ⅛ inch and 3/4 inch and is adjustable to accommodate many different tip angles. It has several adjustments, one of which is to adjust the height of the drill bit. This adjustment allows the user to slowly approach the perfect angle for maximum accuracyTo create the perfect center point, simply roll the bit between each pass.



How we chose the best drill sharpeners


These suggestions come with a range of features to sharpen different sizes of drill bits. Some drill sharpeners can accommodate bits as small as 3⁄32 inches or as large as 1.5 inches. Because users have unique needs, the sharpeners included in this list offer solutions for nearly all commonly used drill bits.

We narrowed our research to include drill sharpeners that feature only a select number of drilling angles or a range of adjustable angles, although additional adjustments can also make operation tricky. Each option on our list has online videos that can be used to help users learn how to properly use a sharpener. Finally, we have some suggestions for hobbyists and professionals at a variety of price points and professional quality levels.


What to Consider When Choosing a Drill Sharpener


Let's get to the point: there are a few things you need to know when buying the best drill sharpener. Not all models have the same features or purpose, so you need to make sure that the model you choose will do the job. Here are some factors to consider.



Priority should be given to purchasing a drill sharpener that can handle all the bits you commonly use. While almost all sharpeners can handle small to medium-sized tools, only certain models can handle larger tools. Drills larger than 1/2 inch are expensive, so make sure your sharpener can handle them.

You'll also want to look for a sharpener that can handle smaller pieces. While these bits are rarely expensive (depending on the material), they dull quickly and lose their performance immediately. Instead, one of the best drill sharpeners on hand will allow you to quickly sharpen an edge on bits as small as 3/32 of an inch.



It's important to find the right drill bit sharpener for the bit you choose. For most homeowners, a standard drill bit sharpener will hold most of the bits in the shop. These bits are usually made of steel or cobalt, and a standard grinding wheel makes it easy to sharpen them.

If you purchase high-end carbide drills, then a standard grinding wheel will not work. The carbide is very hard and requires a diamond wheel to sharpen it properly. If you have carbide bits on hand, look for a sharpener with a diamond wheel. Or, purchase a bench grinder jig that can be fitted with a diamond grinding wheel.



Various types of drills use different angles of cutting edges at their tips. Bits reserved for wood have sharp cutting edges that allow them to move quickly through the material. Metal drills have a flatter angle, allowing them to take smaller bits at a time without causing the bit to overheat or chip.

While you can sharpen each drill bit to a consistent angle, certain types of bits work best at specific angles. It's a good idea to have a sharpener that can be adjusted to the drill. The standard angle is between 118 and 135 degrees, so look for a sharpener that can switch between the two for optimal versatility.


Power Sources

There are two popular power sources available for sharpening bits: plug-in electric and bit-driven (either electric or battery).

  • Plug-in electric sharpeners are available as bench grinders and bench grinder adapters. The best bench grinders are fast and accurate with little room for error. Grinder attachments can be misaligned with the grinder, so it's important to check for accuracy before you start. A combination of squares will likely do the trick. Once you've checked them, the grinder attachments are also fast and accurate.
  • Drill power sharpeners are useful in a pinch or when you need to sharpen a bit on the job site. Simply snap the spindle of the whetstone into the drill bit and place the bit into the proper groove and you'll be back to cutting in no time. There is some room for error here as they aren't accurate, but if you are in a pinch, they will do the job just fine.


Advantages of Having a Drill Sharpener


If you regularly work in a home store or on a job site, having your drill sharpener can save you a lot of money. Instead of throwing away your old blades, you can sharpen new ones on the spot, or set them aside and spend an hour honing the entire set until they are as good as new.

Sharper bits drill holes faster and more accurately. When the tip of a drill bit is dull, it won't drill exactly where you want it to, and it will also drill curved or elongated holes. A sharp drill bit drills straight down and creates perfectly round holes in almost any material. Having your drill sharpener will keep your drill in top shape.

A drill bit sharpener makes the drill bit safer to use. If you drill with a dull drill bit, you must use more force to make progress. Smaller bits break easily under pressure, sometimes sending bits of debris flying. While you should always wear safety glasses, flying metal shards are never safe. A sharpener will help ensure that you don't have to put too much force on your drill bits.


  • Having your drill bit sharpener will save you money on purchasing a new drill bit.
  • Sharpening your drill bits will make them more accurate.
  • Keeping your drill bits sharp will make them safer.


Tips for Buying and Using the Best Drill Bit Sharpener


Drill bits aren't cheap, but neither are sharpeners. If you don't use your drill bits often, it may be useful to buy inexpensive drill bit sharpeners to enhance the sharpness of your drill bits. You will find that they do a good job and will sharpen useful edges if you are not drilling precision holes.

If you already own a bench grinder, then attachments may be the best option. They are much cheaper than bench models and you can achieve the same angles. It takes longer to set them up, but once you're done, you won't sacrifice any quality.

If ease of operation is important, you should consider purchasing a motorized benchtop model. These are the easiest drill bit sharpeners to design, and they allow you to place sharp edges on your drill bits immediately.

  • If you don't plan on sharpening your drill bits very often, choose a drill-driven sharpener.
  • If you already own a grinder, a benchtop grinder attachment is a good choice.

Benchtop models are the safest, so if ease of use is important, choose one of these.

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