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Top And Best Books And Guides For Electricians And Apprentices | Knoweasy Electrician Guide

August 15, 2022

Top And Best Books And Guides For Electricians And Apprentices | Knoweasy Electrician Guide - knoweasy

Best books for electricians and apprentices in 2022


The following list offers a range of authentic books and guides that will properly help you become a super professional electrician :). Based on reference tables, tables and diagrams, wiring diagrams, and step-by-step installation tutorials, it is also the recommended and most recommended step-by-step pocket guide for electrical engineers, technicians, electrical contractors, estimators, lovers of DIY stuff related to electricity and especially apprentices, tradesmen, journeymen and electricians.


Black & Decker - Updated Wiring Guide - 8th Edition

Black & Decker's step-by-step guide to general and domestic wiring is the 8th edition (updated), based on the NEC (National Electrical Code) - USA, 2020-2022 code. It is one of the best-selling wiring installation user manuals in the United States. It shows and explains basic home circuits, safety, conduit, cable and wire, switches, circuit breakers and panels, chapter by chapter, with the help of using basic and advanced techniques and basic tools, equipment and materials.

It contains over 800 photographs and more than 40 explanatory wiring diagrams that comply with the National Electrical Code. It is recommended for electricians and apprentices to keep up to date with the help of this guide.


The Electrician's Trade Demystified

If you want to advance your career as a master electrician, The Electrician's Trade Demystified is the ultimate choice for you. As the author of this book promises, this guide makes it easy to prepare for the licensing exam, succeed at work and make traditional work fun (in New York).

Each chapter of the book consists of step-by-step tutorials, relevant wiring diagrams, solved examples, quizzes and explanatory quizzes, and final exercises for the different state and regional NECs.

As a skilled worker, if you want to become a professional electrician, get The Electrician's Trade DeMYSTiFieD today.


Electrical Guide of Questions, Answers and Illustrations

It is a very basic and simple guide to electricity and static electricity, conductors and insulators, primary cells and batteries, generators and dynamos and much more about electricity and its use.

It is a comprehensive guide (originally published in 1914) and is therefore recommended for electrical engineers, electricians, students and those who want to understand how electricity works and its applications in different fields.


At Your Best as an Electrician

This is a step-by-step, good explanatory guide, with all the information about electricians for those who want to become master electricians and build their dream careers.

This book will show you how to become an electrician. Why do you want to be an electrician? How to become a successful electrician? How to get a job as an electrician and how much money you can make? And finally, how to build your own small business while doing electrical work?

If you want to upgrade from junior apprentice to skilled electrician to master electrician and build your own business as a professional electrician, get this book now.


Electrician's Guide to Control and Monitoring Systems

This step-by-step guide has been written by an experienced electrician with over 40 years of field experience in control and monitoring systems, installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

The book explains in simple terms the ladder diagrams, symbols and drawings, control devices and equipment and monitoring systems in interconnected networks according to NEC 2008.

This clearly explained book is recommended for electricians, electrical contractors, skilled tradesmen and in-service maintenance personnel.


Electrician's Pocket Manual

Electrician's Pocket Manual is a handy tool by Rex Miller (published by McGraw-Hill) that shows compact, basic and important formulas, tables and circuit and wiring diagrams without being lengthy. It can be quickly used as a reference for basic information relevant to the job site.

Version 2 has been updated for the NEC 2005 and includes new codes, symbols, drawings and CAD diagrams for home wiring, motor control circuits and more.


How to Read Electrical Drawings

As the name suggests, this book will help you easily read and understand different types of electrical wiring diagrams, drawings, sketches, graphics and pictures.

The color version is recommended for electrical contractors, electricians, engineers, estimators, apprentices and individual enthusiasts who are interested in electricity or want to succeed in the building business.


Electrician's Calculations Manual

The Electrician's Calculations Manual, Second Edition (NEC - Revised 2011) shows the basic calculations for any work related to electrical work and work related to wiring installations.

This guide can be used as preparation for an electrician's license as it covers both AC and DC circuits, addressing examples and problems associated with motor control circuits, electrical transformers, etc. In addition, it provides reference questions/answers and a final test section at the end of each.


Electrician's Troubleshooting and Testing

Designed for any job site related to electricians, this quick reference book describes in great detail the processes involved in monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting different electrical equipment, devices, machines and electrical systems.

With the help of the time-saving charts, tables and diagrams provided in this practical guide, you will be able to improve your skills in line with the latest updates in the industry regarding the latest troubleshooting tools, test instruments, systems and equipment.

In short, this third edition is the ultimate electrical equipment troubleshooting guide.


Questions & Answers for Electrician's Examinations

The 15th edition of Questions & Answers for Electrician's Examinations is an essential resource if you do need to pass the final electrician's examination and obtain your local/state trade license.

It provides detailed information as well as sample questions and explanatory answers and reviews the material against the National Electrical Code (2011). You will pass the exam with confidence as the guide helps you easily understand the NEC definitions, codes and regulations through question and answer sessions and examples that have been addressed.


Electrician's Instant Answers

If you (as an electrician) are looking for the right answers, then Electrician's Instant Answers is for you.

Elegant guides based on facts, hints, tables, diagrams, photographs and wiring diagrams are the ultimate choice for those who want to know the exact answers but don't want to waste time with lengthy articles.

The books cover in great detail topics such as calculation methods based on the most correct codes, test and measurement tools and equipment, measurement techniques, branching of panels, service and feeder circuits, different wiring methods and tutorials, new and existing connections/modifications, underground circuits and terminal communications, maintenance and troubleshooting, safety and protection and much more.

In short, it is a portable guide based on facts and appropriate codes related to wire installation.


Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician 

The third edition of Electricity for the Entertainment Electrician & Technician is a comprehensive practical guide for electricians, electrical engineers and industry professionals.

It covers basic concepts and advanced tutorials such as electrical circuits, single- and three-phase power calculations, portable backup generators and battery power, grounding and connections, electrical maintenance, troubleshooting, protection and safety, with the help of beautiful photographs, wiring diagram tables and illustrations, voltage spreadsheets and conversion tables and charts. The guide also introduces basic design, project set-up and distribution system monitoring with real-world examples, problems and solutions. In addition, it covers preparation for the Entertainment Electrician Certification (ETCP) and Portable Power Distribution Technician Certification (PPDTC) exams.


Journeyman Electrician

Finally, don't miss the Skilled Electrician's Passbook®, which provides a wealth of resources for practical examinations for electricians and apprentices.

At the heart of the book's content are the basics of electricity, the basics of wiring and hundreds of quiz questions based on sample industry exams.


Electricians Colourful Cartoons (For Kids and You)

A gift for you and your children, the Electricians Colourful Cartoons eBook is a joy to read. The book provides cartoon illustrations related to electrical engineering, electrician work and basic electrical applications. In addition, free coloring pages can be downloaded from the URL given in the book.

In this way, your child will join you and become a super professional electrician in the future, just like you :).


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I hope you enjoy the list of the best books and guides for electricians, journeymen, apprentices, electrical engineers, hobbyists and anyone related to DIY stuff related to electricity. In addition, we will update this list from time to time and will add more interesting resources and new books related to the industry. So don't forget to bookmark this page and share it with friends who might be interested in it. Thank you!

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