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Best Books For Electricians|Must-read books for those who want to become electricians

August 17, 2022

What is the essential reading for any electrician in the UK? Is there a book that stands out as a must-have?

There are many books for electricians and they are all worth reading, even if it's just to review what you learned 20 years ago. The preferred book must be the 18th edition, otherwise you may not be able to comply and you need to keep up to date with any updates that will affect the way you work.


What books should I read to become an electrician?


You should wait and read the books in an order designed to help you through the process. Otherwise, you may get bogged down and feel frustrated with your ability to achieve results.

But here is a list of books that will help you along the way and are essential for electricians.


Basic Electrical Installation Work - Trevor Linsley

This book will provide essential information to help you pass the first year of the City & Guilds 2365 Diploma in Electrical Installation. All first-year students need to know the basics of basic installation work as taught at university. This book supports the lectures in a logical and structured manner.

Not only is this book a great tool to help you pass your first-year exams, but it also provides all the answers to the 2365 syllabus learning outcomes.

Each chapter of the book covers five units of the City & Guilds course. An essential resource for first-year apprentice electricians.

The current edition is the most up-to-date version of the 18th edition, but please check for revisions in September 2022. This book can be studied independently or followed through university-based learning.

The book provides full-color diagrams and an easy reference section. Full-color diagrams and photographs explain difficult concepts and clear definitions of technical terms making this book a quick and easy reference.


Uglys Electrical References, 2020 Edition.

Don't be intimidated by American jargon and standards. This book contains all the calculations you will need for a career as an electrician. Perfect as a reference book for apprentices.

Uglys is considered the gold standard of electricians' reference books, so you should own a copy!

It is used by trade professionals in the UK and USA as the book provides up-to-date information for electricians. It may not be the same as the 18th edition, but the calculations are universal.

Uglys includes mathematical formulas, conduit bending guides, transformer and control wiring diagrams and conversion tables.


Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations, Eighteenth Edition, BS 7671:2018+A2:2022 (Electrical Regulations)

This is the number one best-selling book for electricians. As a qualified and competent electrician, it is an absolute must-have reference for compliance guidelines. The IET forms the standard to which all electricians in the UK must adhere and which all domestic and industrial wiring must comply with.

This edition of the IET makes changes to BS7671 with further updates and subsequent revisions such as BS 7671:2018+A2:2022. this latest edition incorporates changes from Amendment 1 2020, which includes EV chargers, surge protection and AFFD to name but a few.


On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2018) (Electrical Regulations)

A valuable addition to the BS7671 IET is an essential guide for any electrician installing in a domestic dwelling, which is easy to read and has a reference format to prevent electricians from getting stuck in a reading rut. 

It covers how to connect 3 phases up to 100A. The guide was published in 2018 and is unaffected by the latest update changes as they are already included in this addition.


The City & Guilds Textbook: Book 1 Electrical Installations for the Level 3 Apprenticeship (5357), Level 2 Technical Certificate (8202) & Level 2 Diploma (2365)

This is a great resource for Level 3 students and will provide you with the tools to understand the course and undertake the independent home study. This book is kept up to date with the 18th edition to ensure that electrical students follow the Institution of Engineers and Technology syllabus and wiring regulations.

Be confident that you are learning using the best information that matches your coursework. View accurate technical drawings and working photographs to follow an easy-to-use approach. It helps students prepare for exams and tests with practice questions from past papers.


My Revision Notes: City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Electrical Installation (8202-30)

After a long year and upcoming exams, you will need to unlock what you have learned. This book will provide you with the knowledge you need to pass your exams. Focus on and plan revisions to key areas of the curriculum. Learn the elements and keys to success with this important book.

This book explains mathematics in an accessible and easy-to-understand way, setting out the key principles you will need. Test yourself with the lab papers and use the tips to avoid making key mistakes in your exams. If you want to be fully prepared for your exams and unlock your potential, then this is the book for you.



Choosing the right book


There are many books available for electricians to read. If you are a qualified electrician, you must have a copy of the 18th edition. For students, you can use the 18th edition owned by your company and the qualified electricians you work with. It is the responsibility of your trainer to ensure that you fully understand the wiring regulations.

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