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Transformer gas protection schematic diagram

July 23, 2021

The main element of the transformer gas protection is the gas relay, which is installed in the connecting pipe between the fuel tank and the oil pillow. In the internal failure of the transformer, the gas gas flows along the connecting pipe through the gas relay into the gas pillow. If the flow speed reaches a certain value, the baffle inside the gas relay is impulsive and tilted to one side to close the contact of the gas relay, open the trip circuit or signal, as shown in Figure 19 

In Figure 19: the upper contact of the gas relay KG receives the signal for light gas protection; the lower contact is heavy gas protection. After the two contacts of the signal relay KOM,KOM, the circuit breaker QF1, QF2, trip coil excitation. Jump off the circuit breaker on both sides of the transformer,

DC + → KG → KS → XE → KOM → DC-, start the KOM.

DC + → KOM → QF1 → YT → DC-, jump off the circuit breaker QF1.

DC + → KOM → QF2 → YT → DC-, and jump open the circuit breaker QF2.

Further, the connector XE can be connected to the resistance R, to prevent the heavy gas protection from tripping and only signal.

Figure 19 Princiwiring diagram of transformer gas protection


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