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The Best Way to Read a Circuit Breaker

July 27, 2021

Do you want to know how to read the breaker? You want to know mark circuit breaker in the best way to make it easier to read?

For ease of reading circuit breaker panel, you need to for each circuit breaker labeled as better. It allows easy troubleshooting or tracking fault circuit. This means that if there is a problem, you don't need to check each circuit breaker in the panel.

In order to help you better mark circuit breaker, please try to use my methods in all projects.

How to mark your circuit breaker

If your circuit breaker panel label is not enough, it is very important. When it is hard to read the Numbers on the circuit breaker or circuit breaker panel label too vague, you should do so. This may occur, especially if your electrical system is very old.

In order to solve this problem, I made two separate guide to help you better marks. The first method is to make the circuit breaker in the embossment digital lights, first, the second method is to create directory for open circuit.

To reduce the number of circuit breaker panel, step by step guide

Step 1, on the digital panel coated with ink

Open the circuit breaker panel and look for the number embossed or engraved on each circuit breaker. You can remove the panel cover if you feel uncomfortable with the operation of the opposite panel door, however, if you do, be sure to power off the circuit board for your safety.

Using a brush and ink, available on the number of the circuit breaker panel smear a small amount of ink or paint.

Step 2. Use the card to wipe the ink

Wipe away the ink with your used card. You can use the vertical hold card, put it on the digital circuit breaker, pressure, and then it slides down to wipe it. Then paint should be evenly coated on the Numbers,

If there is still a redundant ink or paint, please repeat this process, until the Numbers look clean.

Step 3, use a rag to the extra ink or paint

Be erased by rag if number with paint around, please. Be careful to perform this operation, prevent the dishcloth come into contact with the surface of the new paint. Repeat steps one to three until you draw all the Numbers are good.

After that, you can in the subsequent steps will open it to dry.

How to read the breaker step-by-step guide

If you have any heat shrinkable label making machine, the label for each circuit breaker is very simple. Simply print label and paste it into the lid of the panel. But, if you do not have the equipment, can be changed to manually write each label.

Step 1, guide print form

Use your computer and printer, you can make an Excel spreadsheet guide, which contains all the information about the circuit breaker panel and print it out. Don't forget to save the file on your computer, so if the print version of the damaged or too old, you can print a new again.

On the other hand, if you don't have any available computer and printer, you can manually draw a form and write down all the information about the circuit breaker.

Step 2. Protect the reference list

The circuit breaker data table in a safe place. If you have a big panel, you can use the lid to indicate that the data table, especially if your panel in your house. Otherwise, you can use plastic cover to protect your desktop guide rail and connect it to the circuit breaker panel near the wall


If the breaker labeled and organized properly, it is easy to read and understand them. This also applies to simple troubleshooting, because your circuit breaker is a separate tag.

Although now it may require additional effort, but it will save you time in the coming years. In addition, don't forget to check before purchase top heat shrinkable label manufacturers list!


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