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Customer Reviews

Here's another tool everyone needs in their shop: an automatic wire stripper. Unlike the manual wire strippers we've all used, these remove the outer plastic layer effortlessly without having to pull the wire from both sides. They were a game changer when first released, and are now more affordable than ever!

- Adam Savage’s Tested

I splice a lot of wires, especially down at the marina.I find it's a lot easier with this device.Something I realized after using it for a while,is that this device also has is a adjustment dial for blade pressure according to the thickness of insulation. 

- Dick DeBartolo

It works as advertised on higher gauge wires 16 and up. I was unable to strip a 14 gauge wire. So the seller needs to correct the advertised stripping from 10 to 24 gauge to 16 to 24. This tools is unable to cut through the plastic of a 14 gauge wire.

- Joe Jacobsen

I bought this tool to reach into a Harley-Davidson headlight bucket and cut/splice quite a few small-gauge wires. The jaws on this set have a nice reach to them and the overall profile is slim compared to other strippers.

- Leb Brown

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