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The 5 Best Power Tool Kits: Cordless Tool Kits

June 05, 2024

There are many excellent cordless power tool kits on the market, designed to meet the needs of everyonefrom hobbyists to full-time professionals.

It's tempting to buy the big kits - thekind of comprehensive kits that cover everything you need - and it may pay to have a well-stocked workshop. Or, you'll save money if you only buy a few tools you need right now.

Our final selection of cordless tool kits will meet your every need. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced DIY enthusiast, or a professional electrician responsible for the installation of electrical fittings, there's a tool for you.

If you're ready to buy, we recommend the following kits.For those who want to learn more about the various aspects of quality power tool kits, we have written thefollowing reviews.


Our Top Picks


DEWALT 5-Tool Combo Kit


Perfect for the Expert

Five-piece tool sets live up to DEWVALT's reputation for heavy-duty construction and powerful features.Whether you're a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, tool enthusiasts won't find a better set.

Benefits: Rugged tools with excellent performance. A hammer drill, LED flashlight, impact driver, circularsaw, and reciprocating saw. The kit's 20-volt lithium-ion battery ispopular for its quick charge and long runtime, and you get two batteries and a rechargeable hundred.

Cons: The circular saw doesn't come with a fence. It's an expensive option, but it's also the best option.


PORTER-CABLE 8-Tool Combo Kit


Feature-rich tool buyers on a budget will be impressed with thislarge eight-piece tool kit. While there are some minor quality issues, the value of this comprehensive tool is unbeatable.

PROS: Complete set of tools at a surprisingly low price. Circular, reciprocating, and jigsaw, plus a drill and impact driver, vibrating multi-tool, women's cutter grinder, and LED flashlight.Comes with two batteries and a charger-

Cons: Some tools contain plastic parts. The durability of the vibrating tools is questionable.


BLACK+DECKER Matrix 6 Cordless Tool Combo Kit


Best for small homes

This is a good option for small to medium-sized projects around the house and for those looking for a compact and affordable kit, but it has limitations compared to standard power tools.

PROS: It's an innovative concept, like combining six power tools into one thanks to the Matrix Power Unit's quick-connect system and attachments, which include a drill, sander, jigsaw, oscillating tool router, and impact driver.

Cons: There are reports that the 20-volt lithium-ion battery doesn't last as long as advertised. Some of the attachments are fragile.


BLACK + DECKER Drill and Circular Saw Kit


Simple and SturdyNot everyone needs a large power tool kit. So, despite some flaws, this two-tool kit is still a practical option.

PROS: An inexpensive kit that includes a drill, driver, and circular saw, theseimportant tools will meet the needs of most homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. The drillcomes with an LED light and delivers 310 pounds of torque, making it suitable for small to medium-sized tasks.

Cons: The safety device on the saw is known to break easily. Battery experience is mixed.


Hitachi 4-Piece Combo Kit


A sturdy kit with well-built tools that most users will need, with no unnecessary extras. While the batteries and charger could have been better, these four toolsare carefully designed to handle serious work.

Pros: comes with a hammer drill, impact driver, reciprocating sawand a handy hands-free LED flashlight. These tools arepopular for the torque they provide.

CONS: The 18-volt lithium-ion battery takes a long time to charge. The charging cradle may be completely tigeless。


Why buy a power tool kit?


There are many good reasons:

Buying a power tool kit can save you a lot of money over buying each tool individually.

If you know a first-time homebuyer, a good, basic set of DIY tools may not appeal, but it's one of the mostuseful gifts you can give.

For professionals,a completely interchangeable power tool kit offersgreat versatility. It's an investment you won't need to make again for years.

If you've been using older corded tools and they're past their useful life, replacing all of them at once with cordless upgrades is often the most economical way to go.

Buying cordless power tools together ensuresthat the batteries and chargers for the entire set are compatible.


Choosing Your Power Tool Set


The best power tool set for your specific needs depends on the type of work you expect to do and how often you do it.

Cordless tools vary in quality. Low-cost models are not necessarily defective. They can provide years of reliable service. However, some brands make tools to satisfy those who look at cost. Other brands make the highest quality tools possible - because professionals and some devoted hobbyists are willing to pay a premium price for them.

If you're on a budget, you may want to consider a different tool set than the one chosen by a carpenter, plumber, or othercraftsman.DIY power tool kits area great value for those who use them occasionally. Professional standard power tool kits are significantly more expensive - but offer more performance and durability.

Well, budget is amajor factor. When choosing a power tool kit, you can see how many tools you can get for the money.Quantity over quality. It is possible to find bargains, but this is not the method we recommend. Buying cheap tools from lesser-known manufacturers can often be disappointing. The working life can bevery short, and the tools usually won't provide the value you think they will.

Instead, choose a well-known brand.It's a good idea to put some good-quality tools in your combo kit. You can still find bargains and save a lot of money. Several brands offer options for DIY usersand you don't have to spend a fortune.

If you have more money to invest,we think you will never regret buying a high-quality cordless tool kit. It's not an expense, it's an investment. Models from leading brands offer great features and versatility.

So the question is, which tools do you need?


What shouldbe included in your power tool kit?


Fortunately, there are so many different power tool kits on the market that it's almost possible to find one that meets your needs. Nonetheless, many of the tool kit lines offer somesort of progression. Smaller cordless kits focus on two or three indispensable items. As power tool kits getlarger, things you may not use as oftenare added.

A drill/driver and a saw are twobasic tools. It'samazing how much work canbe accomplished withjust these two tools. The included saw may vary. Some kits include circular sawsthat are best for cutting straight lines on boards and large planks. Other sets include a jigsaw, which can cuta variety of shapes for a wide range of uses. Reciprocating saws are another good all-around tool, although theyare rarely included in inexpensive productson the market.

The next step usually includes the use of impact drivers. They arevery useful for serious DIY enthusiasts. An extra saw (or even two) is anothercommon option.

Power tool sets of six or more pieces usually include a grinder/cutting tool. Some also include a vibrating multi-tool. These toolsusually come with ascraper, and a blade for cutting holes in wallboard and plywood. A sander may alsobe included, although this is rare.

Work lights are alwaysuseful. They are more thanjust flashlights and are usually self-sufficient since the batteries are on the bottom. They can be placed at different angles, freeing up your hands while providing illumination.

Severalof the cordless tool sets we've looked at are not made up of individual tools but have a basic unit (which looks a lot like a drill/driver) and a set of interchangeable heads.If you're looking for an affordable DIY set, this approach is worth considering. The combination tools come packaged in a handy box - although putting everything back neatly can bea challenge!


A note on tool specifications


We can't go into detail about individual tool specifications here; there aresimply too many. However, you do need to double-check.

Most power tool kits represent the manufacturer's normal range. Most of the tools are identical to the models youwould buy individually, but they are worth more when used as a kit.

However, this is not always the case. It's not fair to say thatthey contain inferior tools, but the specification and size may not be what you expect. Don't rely on what you think you can see in the pictures. Check the actual figures. Product pictures can be misleading.


How much does agood power tool kit cost?


Usually, when evaluating a range of products, we can get a good idea of the priceyou're going to pay. However, this is almost impossibleto do with power tool kits due to the wide range of options available. How do you compare the two-piece Black+Decker DIY combo to DeWalt's five specialty tools?

The main reason to buy a power tool kit is to save money. Otherwise, it makes more sense to buy each item individually.The price you pay depends on the number of items in the kit and the brand. "You get what you pay for" is especially true here.

Black+Decker is arguably the most recognizable name in homeowner or DIY tools.Mid-range equipment from brands such as Hitachi and Porter-Cable can be trusted, and DeWalt tools are the specialty choice. If you can find comparable products to compare, you may find a price difference of several hundred dollars between a cheap cordless tool kit and a premium alternative.


Cutting Edge


It's always a good idea to have a tool kit ortool bag, and even more so for a set of tools you want toput together.

There is no "best" power tool kit. There are tools you need and tools you don't need! It's tempting to buy big sets - and they're good value for money - but if youend up buying a couple of tools you'll never use, you're probably spending more money than you need to. If you have a choice, always buy fewer, better-quality tools.

Abig advantage of some power tool kits is the inclusion of two batteries - oneof which canbe charged while you continue to work. However, this is not the case with all kits, so you may want to consider the price of an extra battery when making your decision.


Frequently asked questions


Q: Is there a big difference between 18V and 20V batteries?

A: No. Manufacturers that list 20 voltsusually indicate peak power. Duringnormal operation (almostall the time), these batteries provide close to 18 volts.

When comparing battery levels, you want as many amp hours (Ah) as possible - this will keep the charge going longer. Check the expected run time and charge time to get an overall picture.


Q: Do interchangeable heads perform the same as stand-alone tools?

A: There is no reasonwhy they shouldn't, but there is one condition. We expect interchangeable tool kits to be as good as individual tools from the same manufacturer.This is not the same as saying that a budget model (either a stand-alone tool or a tool with interchangeable heads) is as good as a professional-grade tool.


Q: What's the difference between a reciprocating saw, a tiger saw, and a jigsaw?

A: There's no difference.They are all namesused by different manufacturers for the same type of saw. It isa very handy tool. You can cut a wide variety of materials by simply changing theblade of the saw. As with any cordless tool,true functionalityis closely tied to available power.


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