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The Best Electrician Books For Beginners: Top Six Sellers In 2022

August 15, 2022

The Best Electrician Books For Beginners: Top Six Sellers In 2022 - knoweasy

The best study guides for electricians contain detailed information about wiring, NEC tables and reference tables, as well as common unit conversions and formulas.

Conversely, a rubbish study guide can make the exam seem much more difficult than it is (because it teaches you the wrong things).

So, to help you tell the difference between a good electrician book and a bad one, we've reviewed the top six electrician books for 2022.

Buy with confidence that you are buying one of the best electrical study guides.


Top 6 Best Books for Electricians


Ugly's Electrical References

First on our list is Ugly's Electrical Reference. Updated in 2021, this handy guide is by far the best we've ever seen! Its main purpose is to impart knowledge of the trade to new and professional electricians - for example, its pages can be used as a reference while you do your job, which will answer many of the questions that beginners tend to encounter.

The tables cover the National Electrical Code, mathematical formulas, and methods of bending conduit or voltage drops; there are also first aid procedures if some injury may be caused during work on the wiring system, such as a blown fuse or a faulty circuit.

For those who are training as apprentice electricians, this is the book for you. It includes diagrams to help you determine the best wires to use for your circuits. This helps prevent house fires by using the wrong type of wiring, so it's important not to skip any steps when making wiring repairs or installations!

There are also charts and tables in case you need an electrical reference guide, which contains common formulas used today, while working around current, such as Ohm's Law, which states that "voltage is equal to the current flowing into a resistor". This book not only contains useful information but also provides high-quality content as there is not much text on each page.

The Ugly Electrical Code Manual is a very handy tool for any electrician. It contains information on how to use tools properly, as well as tips based on Ohm's Law, which are vital in the trade. This book also has handy color images that will never leave your side when you're out doing electrical work because it's so compact!

Whether you need help learning, or just want to know what an electrician is thinking when they get home from work - this pencil box-sized guide can be kept in your pocket ready to go - wherever the rest of their life takes them.


National Electrical Code (NEC Code)

The National Electrical Code is a set of guidelines for industrial, residential and commercial occupancies. the NEC 2021 edition contains information on installing equipment, overcurrent protection, or short-circuit earthing devices.

A major revision to this book is to protect against potentially fatal hazards (called tripping) that can occur as a result of advanced electrical workers being exposed to other energized components at the same time during installation work on a distribution system, for example the distribution system you find in your home may see multiple branch circuit breaker panels installed by electricians who use it in a variety of ways and who know how to handle electricity to protect people like themselves from harm.

If you need to renew your electrician's license or are studying to obtain one, then this is the book for you. The book is written at all levels - providing detailed information on most aspects of electrical work.

Another reason this book is sought after is that it adheres to NEC rules - it has more up-to-date versions than past copies of 2017 and 2014, as they are updated every 3 years! This means you can access the relevant data you need to pass any relevant exam

This book is a must for electricians. It provides advice on how to use high voltage systems previously used in the utility sector and has enough information to act as a reference guide while you work!

The National Electronic Codebook is an essential book for contractors, designers, AHJs and engineers. Use the tabs to find the right information on a subject as quickly as possible! So if you want to keep up to date with electrical safety, consider getting this useful book.


Wiring a House: Completely Revised and Updated

Wiring the House is the latest book on wiring your house. Author Rex Caldwell, an expert in electrical work for over 37 years, provides readers with new ways to distribute electricity and keep appliances working properly. He covers basic advice such as how to keep track of tools before delving into more technical concepts such as wiring or other tried and tested trades trips that will save you money!

This book is accompanied by detailed pictures and explanations to help new electricians get started. With more than 120 instructional illustrations, it helps you to easily refer back when you get stuck or need guidance on using the right tools - such as wiring your house without burning it up in the process.

Safety is an important factor when dealing with electrical work: this book provides information on how to protect yourself from harm every time - GFCI/AFCI protection for the home has recently been extended to include more instructions to make the hard work easier!

This book has been revised to comply with the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC) guidelines. The updated version covers more than just your home wiring! You will also find information on inverters and electric car chargers. This is helpful for those who want to go green or learn first-hand about sustainable energy options in their community.

If you want a comprehensive overview of all things electrician-related without getting bogged down in unnecessary industrial jargon, then grab this, otherwise difficult for any newcomer, especially a novice!


Ultimate Guide: Wiring (Creative Homeowner)

The Ultimate Guide: Wiring (Creative Homeowner) is a great resource for any homeowner looking to learn how to wire a home. It will show you the safest ways to wire your house with clear pictures and simple instructions, and when needed, offer alternatives that may work better in certain situations.

This book is a must for any electrician. It covers all the basics about wiring a home, such as low voltage lighting and outdoor power.

This section also provides useful advice on installing light switches and timers so that your home can look stylish while avoiding electrical hazards. The only downside to this guide is its limited explanation of LED devices. But otherwise, it covers everything you could want!


Journeyman Electrician Exam Questions and Study Guide

The Journeyman Electrician exam and study guide is a great tool for anyone who needs to prepare for the exam. It provides information on the most common topics you will encounter on the exam, such as motors, transformers, overcurrent protection, conductor sizing and protection. The book also covers commercial and residential load calculations so you're prepared for whatever happens!

In addition, it provides practice tests to help you study for the exam. It has some short sample exam questions to help you prepare. The Journeyman Electrician exam and study guide also cover renewable energy technologies.

This book is up to date and gives you enough information to meet the NEC 2018 guidelines! You'll take all this information to heart - you'll be sure to pass the exam and become a fully qualified skilled electrician.


Electrical Level 1 Trainee Guide

Next on our list is the Electrical Level 1 Trainee Guide. If this is your first time working with electricity in a professional capacity, this book will help you get started.

The levels are divided into easy-to-follow sections, each with an overview of what they mean and valuable illustrations for when things seem unclear or complicated. An invaluable guide for the novice electrician starting in his or her career!

Designed to accompany NCCER's Construction Site Safety Technician course, this book will provide you with all the information you need to pass the exam!

The book provides coverage of electrical safety, plumbing and fittings, electrical test equipment, conductors and cables. It also introduces the National Electrical Code (NEC).

The only setback is that its binding will fall apart when used for a short time by the consumer who buys it. Even with this drawback; electricians find it very helpful as they learn basic concepts about electricity by reading this great tool!

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