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How to Detect Whether The Resistor Works Normally In The Maintenance Of Frequency Converter.

July 30, 2021

Method to detect the fixed resistor inverter maintenance: the two pens and (both positive and negative) respectively with resistance at both ends of the pins connect to measure the actual resistance value.

In order to improve the accuracy of measurement, measured resistance should be based on nominal value to choose the size of the range.

Nonlinear relationship scale as the mother to block it in the middle of a degree is relatively fine, so should be as far as possible to scale the middle position, indicating value of the pointer is 20% ~ 80% of full scale starting arc range, in order to make more accurate measurement.

According to the different resistance error level. Reading between the nominal value and allow a plus or minus 5% respectively, plus or minus 10%, or the error of plus or minus 20%. If not consistent, outside the range of error, explain the resistance value.

Frequency Converter.

In the test is to pay attention to: when testing, especially in more than a few + kS resistance of the resistance measurement, hand don't touch the pens and and resistance of the conductive part;

Tested the resistance in the circuit of welding, welding at least open a head, so as not to affect test circuit of the other component, cause measurement error; Letter can color ring resistance of the resistance in the color wheel marks to determine, but when use it is better to use multimeter to test its practical value.

The inverter maintenance inspection cement resistance method and the matters needing attention and ordinary fixed resistor is exactly the same

Inverter maintenance detection method of fusing resistors: in the circuit, when the fuse resistor fuse open rev, according to previous inverter maintenance experience to judge: if discover black or burning fuse resistor surface, can be concluded that the load is overweight, through many times more than its current rating;

If its surface without any traces and open, it shows that flows through the electric current is equal to or slightly greater than just the fuse rating value.

For surface without any traces of fusing resistors or sentenced to "break, can use multimeter Rx1 block to measure, to guarantee the accuracy of the measurement, fusing resistors should be end from the electric welding on the road.

If measured value is infinite, then open the fuse resistor is failure, if the measured value and the nominal value is far, indicates that the resistance value, also should not be used. Found in converter maintenance practice, there are a few fuse resistor in the circuit was short circuit phenomenon, also should be careful when testing.

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