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Three Situations In Which The Circuit Breaker Cannot Be Reset

July 31, 2021

Then I said simple reasons, generally speaking, there are three kinds of circumstances.

1, If the leakage protector, electric leakage of trip home, is pushing up on you in this time, if it is a slight leakage is the most difficult to judge. Jump again may be up for a while. If the leakage is very good judgment, look at the leakage protector.

The leakage indicator

Look at the red arrow corresponding location: leakage, if leakage trip, this place will stick out, normally higher than the plane, must be pressed to closing again.

Screening method for leakage appliances:

Cut off all the electrical power supply. Then on leakage protector, which in turn to electric power, which after electric power tripping, which electric leakage.

Find out the method of leakage:

had better use multimeter, if the appliance is metal shell, measure the voltage of the shell on the surface, if there is a low pressure over the ground, check whether the power cord metal wire and shell have a contact, moreover is check plug wire to see if there is any breakage place contact with the ground or walls. And many a situation also see, is electric damp.

2, If it's air switch trip

We know that the function of air switch is overload and short circuit protection, some intelligent circuit breaker and over-voltage and under-voltage protection.

If it is the general household circuit breaker equipped with spare, generally not overload, short circuit caused by the trip in the majority. In this case, the circuit breaker is definitely not pushed up.

Screening method:

now that you have the power, can use a multimeter buzzer gear on and off, shorted wire and zero line must have a contact. Can be segmented on and off, find out the short circuit.

Short circuit is very dangerous, must find out the reason thoroughly solved the sending again.

Air switch

3, Some large circuit breaker tripping accident, you don't is also likely to push up, some need to put the knife down to up again.

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