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The Reasons and Solutions of Circuit Breaker Trip

July 29, 2021

Home is always tripping the circuit breaker, this kind of situation is to let people very upset, so always automatic tripping circuit breaker is going on? Always about circuit breaker trip home carlo is have a say, after exclusion of the circuit breaker itself, to be divided into different situation to analyze, because may be the cause of circuit breaker tripping is different in each case, the following one by one to give everybody to analyze the causes of the breaker is always tripping and solution (here the breaker of at home Type air circuit breaker is household air leakage and bartender)

 Let's first look at the first switch: that is, the installed circuit breaker is a common circuit breaker without leakage, that is, the circuit breaker:

1, the causes of the common circuit breaker tripped without leakage with overload and short circuit, if is the short circuit then it can't be always tripping, short circuit after shu not brake; The only possible reason is the overload

2, when the circuit used in home appliances for a period of time, when the load reached the rating of the breaker tripping current circuit breaker will trip, at this time to brake also laterCan use, but after a period of time is also there will be a trip; This kind of situation and problems of the circuit breaker is always automatic tripping is consistent;

3, appear this kind of situation caused by the circuit breaker is always tripping solution is not blind replacement of circuit breaker, rather than reasonable reduce electrical usage at the same time, because the installation of circuit breaker is matched with wire, replacement of circuit breaker causes wire fire blindly.

You look at the second switch: is the installation of the circuit breaker is a leakage of residual current circuit breaker is confirmed:

1, at this time we want to deal with in two different conditions, because of the residual current circuit breaker tripping is likely to be short circuit, overload, and leakage, but is always tripping, then we can give out the short circuit, then only two possible overload and leakage;

2. We can observe the leakage circuit breakers at this time the reset button above, if the reset button pop-up when the trip, so that is the leakage cause of trip, if there are no pop-up trip when the reset button, then that is caused by overload trip;

3, when tripping due to is overload, the solution is the same with the first kind of circumstance, that is the number used at the same time, reasonable arrangement of electric equipment and don't blindly to replace the larger versions of the breaker;

4, when the leakage caused by leakage is always tripping circuit breaker, then the situation will appear in the title of circuit breaker trip, this time we will check the status of line insulation and electric, specific testing tools you can use the multimeter to measure insulation resistance.

To summarise: analysis of reasons and search a circuit breaker is always tripping, we must distinguish between the type of circuit breaker. And then according to the characteristics of the different types of circuit breaker to find their trip reasons;

Based on the cause of the circuit breaker tripped the end, the corresponding solutions.

Above is always household carlo for circuit breaker trip cause analysis and solution to the problem of circuit breaker tripping always does these reasons, we find the reason can corresponding to deal with.

Of course, if you have a better solution, please feel free to comment here, mutual exchanges!


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