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How to choose the cable type and cross section of the right

July 06, 2021

See what type of wire and cable, bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wires, shielded wires, power cables, control cables, etc. Commonly used as PVC insulated wire, PVC insulated flexible wire. Wire and cable overload caused by fires are not uncommon, this also is diversity. Such as short circuit, overload, leakage, poor contactand and other factors.

Usually only have a layer of insulation layer of wire is called “wire”,have insulation layer and sheath layer of wire is called “cable”.

Common cable model: BV, BLV, BVR, RV, RVV, RVVP, RVS, and so on.

How to choose the cable type

Family is decorated in wiring or BVR can choose BV, BV line is hard, but its overload capacity and climate resistance is better than a BVR. Than BV BVR line is applied to soft hand ability T more convenient, more expensive price.

Because BV wire is single strand and BVR with the same cross-sectional area, its copper wire is thicker, and it is not easy to burn off when the temperature is high for a long time. BVR wire copper wire is relatively thin, high temperature is easy to burn one or two of them. As long as one or two copper wires in the wire are burned, the burnt cross-sectional area is reduced, the resistance is greater, and the wire is more likely to be burned.

In practice, because BVR line is soft, easy to loose a long joint; And BV line is relatively better, so in order to prevent loose connection in the home to take "hung tin" process.

VV cable and YJV cable are generally used in power distribution in factories. W cable can only be used in room temperature environment, while YJV can be used in workshop with higher temperature, and the highest heat resistance temperature can reach 90 degrees.

Control cable RVV cable, if have a strong magnetic field, electric field around the need to choose cable RVVP with a shield. Fire protection system generally choose twisted-pair RVS, twisted pair we also call it the "normal"

Wire and cable with materials division of copper core BV series and aluminum conductor BIV series, a common area ranging from 1.5 mm to 120 mm.

According to the load calculation rated current choose wire and cable section. Appliances used in the family, for example, there are also the perceptual load impedance load, thus calculate the rated current is P = UI and P = UICosΦ

Assuming house electric appliance total power for 10 kw, then calculate the maximum current 1 for 56 years, it is well known that home appliances at the same time also can not work, so give a coefficient of 0.6 to 0.8 at the same time, so the coefficient of 0.8, calculate the 45 a, so the family of the total power cord can use 6 mm square copper BV series wire and cable.

Working environment temperature of the actual use process, wire and cable, wire and cable laying methods, threading pipe threading to teach is to choose a wire and cable section.

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