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Principle Of Rogowski Coils ——Knoweasy

July 06, 2021

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Principle Of Rogowski Coils 

Rogowski coil is a kind of hollow circular coil, can be directly set on the measured conductor. Conductor in the flow of alternating current flows around a conductor produces an alternating magnetic field changes, thus induced in the coil of a proportional to the electrorheological than ac voltage signal. Coil of the output voltage Uout = Mdi/dt, M is the mutual inductance coil in brunei, and di/dt is the current rate of change of time.

Rogowski coil through integrator after the coil output voltage signal is integral to get an ac voltage signal, the voltage signal can be accurately reproduce the measured current signal waveform.

Rogowski coil and supporting integrator is a kind of general electric current measurement system, the occasion of application is very broad, the current frequency, current to be measured its size, the size of the conductor are no special requirements. System's output signal and the current waveform of phase difference measurement is less than 0.10, measured waveform complex current signal, such as a transient impulse current.

Rogowski coil current measuring system is an outstanding characteristic is good linearity. Coil contains no magnetic saturation components, within the scope of the range, the output of the system signal and current signal under test has been is linear. Size, and the range of the system is not determined by the linearity, but depends on the maximum breakdown voltage. Integrator is linear, range depends on the electrical characteristics of itself. Good linearity makes roche coil is very easy to calibrate, because the system can use a common benchmark signal calibration, after calibration of the system within the whole range is linear, the measured results are accurate. At the same time the good linearity range of the system can determine, the transient response ability.


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