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How to use elimination method to check home leakage current?

July 06, 2021

Home leakage this kind of situation really in our life, also there are many kinds of inspection method. Different methods have their own advantages, one of the most simple of the most commonly used method is the elimination process. Although convenient exclusions need T is little, but it is only applicable to wire leakage, not suitable for zero leakage.

Leakage is divided into two situations, respectively is live wire leakage and neutral leakage.

Their differences are also very obvious, if a smell of jump, then is the live line leakage; If after the smell, jump time is not necessarily, sometimes jump, sometimes do not jump, that is the neutral line leakage. For live wire leakage, generally the elimination method is the most convenient and fast; For the neutral line leakage, it is necessary to use megohmmeter to detect.

Method to check the leakage

1, turn off all the switch first, and then close the switch; If a switch tripping, it most likely is the main switch to there is trouble with the line between the separated off.

2, if you don't trip master switch, and then continue to close each separated off; If close to a separate closed all the way, switch trip, that is the closed loop separately. (find fault circuit, the next step is to determine the faulty wiring or electrical equipment on the line)

3, unplug all fault back to the way the plug, and then perform the test. If you don't trip switch, unplug plug leakage of equipment. The next step is a try a plug, plugged into the trip is that there is a problem.

If the fault back to the way all the plug pulled out, or a trip. Then continue to the back to the way lights and socket pull down, continue to closing test; If you don't trip, shows that the leakage place in coming down on a socket or lamp. If all the lights and socket on the back way down or tripping, somewhere is line leakage.

 Live wire leakage solution

1. The way to do it once and for all is to change the line directly;

2, if the wire can not be pulled out, you can take another open wire;

3, see some electricians to the live line and neutral line switch can also solve this problem. Because the neutral line has a very low voltage to the ground, this method can sometimes be used, but personally it is not very reliable. In addition, the neutral line and the live line are exchanged, the color of the wire is chaotic, and there are safety risks. It is not recommended to use it personally.

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