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What is the role of electricians in the green economy?

March 06, 2022

According to OurWorldInData, renewable energy has trended downward in only one of the last ten years. Green energy is on the rise, and it will take people to build and maintain its infrastructure.

But to what level can you find a place in this booming opportunity?

This article will describe your options for becoming an electrician in the upcoming green economy. It will also help you understand the depth and breadth of the green economy moving forward.


What is the green economy?


The world is grappling with issues such as climate change and a rapidly changing environment. We are facing a dramatic loss of rainforest cover and biodiversity, fossil fuel consumption, and many other issues.

A green economy is, among other things, an economy that tries to protect the natural world. It invests in the future of biodiversity and green space and aims to encourage the renewal of natural systems.

One of the main principles of the green economy is to still provide goods and services around the world. But it aims to do so in a way that grows and restores the world's natural balance. The aim is to achieve a low carbon footprint, conserve resources and recycle to have a smaller impact on nature.

This concept requires public participation from individuals and businesses. It does so based on an evidence-based investigation of how we can improve the situation. In this way, institutions representing the green economy can work together in a way that everyone is involved in the same actions.

This is a major global change in how we view such actions. The green economy aims to change the world for the better for all. To do this, we must involve everyone, from the politicians in government to the individual workers putting on their boots on the ground.


What do electricians do in a green economy?


Because the intent of the green economy is far-reaching. Those in the construction and electrical trades will find themselves impacted.

Here are a few examples of the roles electricians may play once the green economy starts to grow.


Energy-efficient infrastructure


We have built our society's current electrical infrastructure on equipment that does not save a lot of power. Except for some energy-efficient equipment, we use temporary power sources without regard to energy savings. In a green economy, there will be a major shift toward creating and maintaining equipment to save energy.

We are already seeing a slight shift in this direction with the use of energy-efficient light bulbs and the miniaturization of computing. However, there is still a way to go. This means that any planned construction will require electricians to design and install such infrastructure.


Solar panels


Photovoltaic cells are becoming cheaper and cheaper. Because of this, solar panels are being adopted by more people from all segments of society.

These devices need to be installed in multiple homes. Eventually, the green economy may require these panels to be built on any new construction.

Using solar energy as a continuous source of energy in a green economy means that these cells need to be widely installed. This requires more than just installing the panels themselves. It also requires the installation of battery packs to preserve the collected energy for use at other times.

Eventually, this energy is usually passed back to other members of the community. If this is the case, a licensed electrician will be required to maintain and supervise it.


Wind turbines


Despite complaints about their visibility, wind turbines have taken a big hit in many corners of the world. Large-scale power-generating wind turbines in several areas of the country will require maintenance. That is if we wish to harness the world's innate power in this way.

The mechanisms in these devices will also require regular maintenance. This means that electricians and mechanics are likely to continue to be very much in demand in the future.


Building Automation


Several new buildings are moving forward with the idea of having an integrated automation system for their air conditioning. Such a system would save energy by not overheating the building or losing heat when it gets too cold.

The system would need to be wired, programmed and maintained. It would also be an ongoing role for a long time. It is an opportunity for both men and women who work in electricity-related construction. 

However, it is not only the process of installing this system that will fall to the electrician. These systems need to be designed from the ground up with the architects of these buildings. Therefore, there are roles at every stage of the building process. Some of the required skills are usually learned on the job by trade employees, not always in an educational environment.


Energy Network Management


The world's energy production is gradually becoming more dependent on renewable resources. As a result, such systems must be maintained as electricity consumption increases.

Or, we must create new designs for systems that can optimize the distribution of electricity in the home. Finally, another option is that we can hone the method of electricity production, rather than its transmission.

When this is done, our society will need fewer fossil fuels. As a result, we can shift more of our electricity production efforts to renewables.


Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles themselves are usually built and maintained by mechanics. However, they offer other opportunities for electricians interested in the green economy.

As electric vehicles rapidly grow in popularity, the infrastructure to maintain them continues to grow. In doing so, it needs to be in place to allow these vehicles to be charged nationwide. We will need these electricians to install these charging points across the country and maintain them later.


LED Lighting


LED lights are being used in multiple locations across the country where regular light bulbs previously existed. While this is not the most complicated process, replacing the lighting infrastructure throughout the country will require a lot of work.


Upcoming opportunities in the green sector


In Brazil, there has been a recent strong push for hydroelectric power. Likewise, there are a number of green sector jobs in California and other parts of the United States.

According to IRENA, more than 500,000 renewable energy jobs were created in 2018-2019 alone. More and more countries are investing in prospects such as offshore wind farms, hydroelectric dams and solar farms. When they do, the demand for jobs will increase at a natural rate.

Iberdrola even says that solar power plant roles are some of the most in-demand jobs on the planet. These careers can offer the highest level of reimbursement for those willing to invest in a work path.


How does the green economy address climate change?


One of the problems with climate change is that it's already here. We are already seeing its effects at work, such as an increase in the frequency of strong storms and annual wildfires in the world's forests and plains.

For this reason, many jobs are being created to promote a green economy early and to try to combat climate change.

According to the state-by-state picture of Jobs in the Green Economy: Careers from Green Investments, this includes electrician jobs in the following industries:

  • Building retrofitting
  • Transit
  • Energy-efficient vehicles
  • Wind power
  • Solar energy
  • Recycling

These are all examples of "clean" technologies. This means that when the industry can grow and develop, the world will benefit from less pollution.


Will the green economy continue to grow?


The green economy shows no signs of slowing down. According to WWF, we should be able to meet nearly a third of the world's electricity needs by 2030. If that happens, greenhouse gases will be reduced by more than a quarter.

A study called the McKinsey study proves the point. It is intended to be the most comprehensive survey of climate issues to date. It suggests that sustainable energy jobs will continue to expand for the foreseeable future.

The industry has also shown interest in this fact, and Klein Tools' recent study spoke with several electrical engineers. They found that interest was also coming from the direction of electricians, so the people installing the systems bought in. This can only mean that things are going well.


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