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Top 10 Benefits of Electrical Training for Your Career Prospects

March 03, 2022

A popular industry is an electrical field, which currently employs more than 739,000 workers in the United States (according to the BLS, as of September 2021). Electricians are a popular industry for a reason, with positive job prospects, a great work environment, generally good opportunities, and potential benefits.

So, what are the real benefits of taking electrical training? Let's talk about that one.


1. Electrical training is translatable 


By that we mean that so many career paths, trades and industries depend entirely on some type of electrical system. HVAC technicians, solar panel installers or repairers, and even the emerging electric vehicle market, all rely on trained electricians in one form or another.

Electricians can play an important role in transforming the world into a green economy, and any new cutting-edge technology will need them! While a career change may require additional training, training as an electrician under your direction may help in acquiring different skills.

This provides electricians with a variety of career paths to explore and helps them find work throughout their careers. The world is still moving toward electricity, not away from it.


2. Electricians have job satisfaction


No job can guarantee you a lifetime of happiness. It's simply not possible. But if you enjoy your job, it will make your prospects of a happy life more attainable. Compared to other industries, electricians do well in job satisfaction due to potential employment opportunities and interesting changes in job dynamics.


3. Challenging work


When you work as an electrician, you are bound to be faced with different problems all the time. It is unlikely that you will have the same problem requiring the same solution on two of the same workdays in the same week.

Because you are constantly faced with new problems to solve, you will keep your brain healthy for a long time. Studies show that people who work in ever-changing and challenging jobs, such as electricians, may delay the onset of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.

These jobs require you to remember a lot about wiring, processes, customers, procedures, local laws and regulations, etc. These are all problem-solving skills that you develop through sufficient time on the job.


4. Lifelong skills


While certain technologies change all the time, electricity will never stop flowing as it does now. 10 years from now, Apple will have a different operating system, but they will still need wires and power to fuel their products.

Once you've mastered these skills, you'll have them for life. Friends and family will seek your help or advice, and you'll be the go-to person in your network for power needs.


5. Independence


Once you have a network of people who understand and rely on your skills, you will have the ability to live the American dream and be independent if that is the right path for you to consider. You can set rates, work on projects that fit your schedule, and control your work life.

Many electricians prefer the security and benefits of gaining employment, but many take the opportunity to have complete control and independence over their own lives. Few jobs offer this opportunity in such a short period of time, but once you have your license, you too can consider being an independent electrician!


6. Work environment


If you've never seen yourself working a desk job, then this may be the perfect option for you. Working in a van, working in the field, seeing new sights and meeting new people is just part of an electrician's daily life.

A constantly changing work environment can keep you happy and fulfilled for a long time, and keep every day energized and fresh throughout your career. 


7. Low Competition


Believe it or not, there is a shortage of electrician skills, which means more job security, more business and more earning potential. It also makes it easier for you to advance your career, whatever that means for you.


8. Affordable Training


If you have friends or family members who went to college, you know how student debt can impact one's financial future. Well, in most cases, electrical training is not only affordable, but it takes almost as long and in some cases can lead to a salary comparable to many positions that require a bachelor's or higher education.

Not only that. Completing an approved training program can help you find an electrical apprenticeship, which is important for becoming a licensed electrician. Professional training may help you get ahead of other applicants and help prepare you for the job.

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