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What Is Electric Power Fittings? What Does It Do?

March 12, 2024

What is Electric Power Fitting


First of all, it should be clear that power fixtures are important components used in the "power grid". Before we can understand fixtures, we must first understand the characteristics of the power grid.

Because there are so many intersecting nodes in our power system, we often visualize it as a "grid". So, the grid as a "net", and spider webs, barbed wire, and fishing nets have what in common?

Only lines cross to form a network, and for any network to be stable, the intersection of lines must be fixed. 

In other words, the "nodes" need to be fixed, otherwise there is no network. This characteristic also applies to power networks, which are complex networks consisting of many transmission and distribution lines. Each substation or even each cell tower can be considered as a "node" of the network.

The dotted box shows the power network. In this diagram, we can see that many substations form intermediate nodes in the grid, as well as many poles and towers that support the main lines of the grid. The transmission of electrical energy requires conductor contact and sufficient current-carrying area should be ensured at high power, i.e., good and firm contact between grid equipment and conductors and other conductors.

Let's take a look at the concept of goldware:

What are widely used metal fittings such as iron, aluminum, or aluminum alloys related to power lines, equipment and conductors in step-up substations and step-down substations, conductors and conductors? The metal (iron, aluminum or aluminum alloy) accessories used for the connection of conductors in power distribution equipment, connection of conductors and connection strings in transmission lines, and protection of conductors and insulators themselves are known as gold fittings.


The role of power fittings


Electric Power fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine various equipment in the power system, and play a role in transferring mechanical loads, electrical loads and some protection. Used for overhead transmission lines of electric power fittings called line fittings. Line fittings are used for the connection between conductors on overhead transmission lines, the connection between insulators, the connection between insulators and towers, and the connection between insulators and conductors. It must have sufficient mechanical strength and flexibility for assembly and operation.

Generally speaking, the gold appliances are the power network this "network" of nodes and stress points at the connection, fastening, transfer of mechanical loads, protection and other functions with metal parts, just this network will be these nodes and stress points at the fixed connection safety requirements are high, the need for specific specifications and production process!


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