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The Principles And Standards Of Grounding Technology For Electrical Equipments

July 20, 2021

Electrical equipment grounding principle depends on the types of electrical equipment, according to the provisions of the state, any electrical equipment to set up the grounding device, ensure the safety of electrical equipment use of personnel.

First, the artificial installing a small total earthing body, install it in buildings, and to minimize the total grounding resistance of grounding body;

Second, if the voltage is different, use the same electrical equipment, general equipotential connection is required to connect to a total grounding body, and metal components, metal ducts connected to total earthing body, except special requirement, such as metal pipe conveying inflammable, explosive cannot simply operated in accordance with the above requirements;

Third, for the computer system, medium voltage system and weak current systems in accordance with the relevant ground with special requirementsRules set

Grounding device parts, pipe, tube core as well as the various parts are galvanized materials, attention to level off, tight connection parts, positioning of the equipment according to the requirement, and connection parts don't have to brush paint, brush paint anticorrosion silver powder in welding part.

Protection device and protection circuit are connected with wire with insulation protection equipment, does not need to be grounded, local grounding device shall have a production certificate, when installation should pay attention to the position, connected correctly, operation specification, high pressure connector should respectively by earthing bolts leads to qualified earthing conductor on both ends to the local ground bus or grounding.

Must be in the grounding conductor through the track of aerial reflux insulation casing.

Local grounding and assist to install where pedestrians less, and ensure that distance, electric equipment to adopt unified model derived directly from the shell of electrical equipment on the right side connecting line.

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