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Four life-saving measures for electrician work! Did you do it

July 20, 2021

Electricity, can't see, they can't touch, people call it "electricity eating tigers", can be found in the danger.

As electrician, often to the "electricity eating tigers", an omission, one not careful, is likely to be life-threatening, summed up the predecessors of blood taught a lesson electrician operations to ensure that the safety technical measures and electrician is what we say at ordinary times four leading technical measures:

1. Power failure;

2. Check electricity;

3. Installing grounding line;

4. Hanging signs and installing barriers.

If we work at ordinary times, can not discount to do this at 4 o 'clock, basically can ensure no safety accident. At four o 'clock but it looks be like simple, but it contains the rigor and artifice. Every job fully done, it's not so easy.


1. Power failure

Before operation, disconnect switch, if there is a clear disconnect point switch is also good, such as isolating switch, load switch.

Breaking point, but if it is a circuit breaker, can't see there is a risk, such as circuit breaker failure, appears to be down, but the internal contact does not open still broken electricity, the situation is very common.

So involved in the second, check the electricity.

2. Check electricity

Must also pay attention to check electric, must use the same voltage level and intact electroscope on electricity.

High-pressure electroscope

You can't use 10 kv electroscope to 35 kv high-voltage test, this test electricity is likely to be in the process of life.

Electric pen

Nor use high-pressure electroscope check low-voltage electrical, so can't check out whether there is electricity.

Electroscope not only to choose matching, and guarantee the accuracy of the its in good condition, the mostAfter blackout, effect of the method is to equipment, test before electricity, take the test pen to confirm there is electricity charged part of the test, confirm the electroscope in good condition, to go to 1 check electric power equipment, and to check every phase of electricity.

Even the parts for each operation test, don't be frightened by this trouble. Accidentally touch the electricity is not worth the cost.


3. Installing grounding line;

It is necessary to install grounding wire, especially in the maintenance operation of high voltage system or large current loop. This is in the process of electrician work, prevent someone to send electricity by accident the most effective measure, also be to ensure safety the last barrier.

Installing ground wire must meet earthing terminal, followed by the conductor; Ground wire order instead. Earth wire should be used more than soft bare copper wire, and ground wire section should not be less than 25 was

4.Hanging signs and installing barriers.

At once can be switching power to the job site or construction equipment on the operation of the switch handle, should be suspended "prohibit closing, someone work" signs.

Blackout sign

Blackout sign will be hanging, and all personnel must abide by the system of picking up. When necessary, to guard by designated personnel.

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