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The knowledge and skills to be acquired by maintenance electricians in the factory

November 20, 2021

I think the first thing to do in the factory as a maintenance electrician is to get a maintenance electrician license which is a prerequisite for engaging in the maintenance electrician industry. In this premise, I come
Talk about the knowledge and skills needed for a maintenance electrician.
As we all know, the theory of maintenance electrician includes a wide range of contents, including basic electrician, analog circuit, digital circuit, electrical instrument, motor control, microcontroller technology, PLC technology, inverter technology, and some questions are difficult.
From the aspect of skills, as a maintenance electrician to have the following basic skills: first of all, to be skilled in the use of common electrical instruments, in addition to the multimeter
In addition, there are megohmmeter, clamp-on ammeter, oscilloscope, etc.; also can use common electrical tools for daily maintenance operations.
Next is to be able to low-voltage control circuit overhaul technology, including three-phase asynchronous motors, PLC and peripherals, inverter general failure, common low-voltage electrical fault repair methods. Finally, you should be able to read and analyze the general circuit diagrams.
In terms of the object that maintenance electricians have to work on, we have to learn the distribution lines and electrical equipment used in the factory soon after we enter the factory, so that we as maintenance electricians and technicians can have a clear picture of when the equipment fails.

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