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5 Quick Tips for Becoming a Great Electrician丨Knoweasy Tool

November 26, 2021

Not all professionals follow the same path to their final destination. Some learn their skills through formal education, while others choose to learn through apprenticeship-like roles that prepare them for a given job through hands-on learning. Regardless of the way professionals reach their ultimate goal, they must be well prepared before they enter a full-time position.

How to become a great electrician

Obtain the proper national electrical license

While licensing requirements will likely vary from state to state, it is important to obtain the proper licensing before working as an electrician. A license will demonstrate that you understand the National Electrical Code, the State Electrical Code, and the local electrical code. You'll want to start your career the right way, so make sure you comply with all state and local laws. Contact your local licensing board to find out what permits are required before you start working.

Attend technical school

While not all positions require an electrician to have a higher education, it does help. Most jobs require a high school degree, and continuing education is favored. With a more well-rounded education, those who attend technical school will be better prepared for the field. Look for a school that provides students with both classroom and hands-on learning opportunities. At Lincoln Technical College's electrical school, students can work on circuit boards, lights, switches, and appliances for residential, industrial, and commercial wiring. Students will connect junction boxes, service panels, light fixtures, and alarm systems, as well as wiring systems, industrial motors, and conduit benders. Through exposure to excellent instructors and supervisors, students will be well prepared to pass the licensing exam and begin working in the field with confidence.

Find an electrician as to your mentor

When you start a career as an electrician, having people you can relate to will make all the difference in the world. Someone with more experience will be able to guide you in the right direction and answer any questions you may have about the field. At Lincoln Tech, students have a built-in academic support system to help them learn, whether they need tutoring or career placement assistance.

Complete an apprenticeship or internship

There's nothing like real-world experience, so it helps to have a little guidance until you're fully ready to start working. An apprentice will be able to contribute and learn the industry with the help of a supervisor. This valuable experience looks great on a resume.

Hone your customer service skills

Since electricians work with customers regularly, they need to know how to interact with them professionally. This requires not only a friendly personality but also a knowledgeable electrician who can answer a wide range of questions that customers may ask.

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