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The circuit remodeling wiring considerations丨Home wiring installation hidden dangers

August 20, 2021

The circuit remodeling wiring considerations

In the process of circuit remodeling, home wiring must be standardized, not messy, for the circuit remodeling this one, try not to think about saving money, related to the future occupancy, if the home circuit wiring messy, problematic, it is easy to later occupancy, and then to rework is quite troublesome, next we will look at the circuit remodeling wiring precautions, home wiring installation hidden dangers related content.

The circuit remodeling wiring considerations

The length of home wiring reservation

For the length of the wire set aside, most renovation people say set aside 20 cm is safer, some people think that set aside 10 cm is enough, too long is a waste, the line box volume is limited, and eventually cut short.


The home furnishing wire encountered damage

For home furnishing wire was damaged, if only a simple wrap, still hide hidden dangers. Some wire conduit protruding from the wall, affecting the tiling, the need to press down the conduit or appropriate transformation, do not neglect in the conduit crack, wire broken skin, copper wire exposed. For this situation, concealing the truth is equivalent to sowing hidden dangers to the owner's new home. According to the standard, the casing can not have joints, if there are joints must also be in the wire box, but also should be in the necessary place to do a good job of waterproofing, broken wire encounter tiling, obviously to consider waterproofing. In this case, the broken wire must be replaced, especially if the fire wire is broken.

The circuit remodeling wiring considerations

Dig through the base series

In each area of the line or each electrical line, the use of parallel practice is more standardized, a section of the line out of order, will not affect the "neighbors". In the actual construction process, the practice of series wiring still exists a lot, which can indeed save labor and materials, but the risk is greater.


The base tilt is not stable

The installation of the base determines the quality of the installation of switches and sockets, it seems that the installation of the base is not difficult, but the key is that if some processes are omitted, or some details are not done, the base is not stable, and tilted. The installation of the pedestal is concerned about three, one, wet construction will prompt the pedestal firm, so each time before the installation of the pedestal, are to splash water into the pedestal slot, to fix the pedestal mortar better combined with the original wall; second, the humidity of the mortar to be appropriate, too soft not; third, can guarantee the level of the pedestal test of eyesight, experienced people can be competent, otherwise you need to use the level of calibration.

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