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Leakage, tripping? Many electricians will also make the mistake

August 23, 2021

Recently it seems to often hear the use of electric water heaters, leakage of electricity appeared injury, and for this kind of news, many people will choose to unplug the electric water heater when bathing, once to avoid the risk of electrocution. This does seem to be a good way, however, once the electric water heater itself has problems with the circuit or electrical appliances, then in the plugging process, in fact, is also a dangerous action.

Appliance plug, there are generally two-eye plug and three-eye plug these two, since the two-eye plug can be normal use of electrical appliances, then why there will be three-eye plug it? Home 220 volts of single-phase electricity, divided into fire and zero wire, providing appliances a circuit, the appliances can be used normally.

In that case, why do we need a three-eye socket? Three-eye socket, is wired to the left zero right fire on the way to ground, some electrical appliances switch, according to this principle, the switch is set on the fire wire, so that when the switch off the appliance, the back end is no longer with the point, so for the use of electrical appliances, more secure.

Then the three-eye plug on the ground, what is it for? We will find that the general application of three-eye plug, mostly in the power of the larger appliances will be seen, when the shell of the appliance, will be through the wire, connected to the plug grounding wire, in the event of leakage or with induction of electricity, when the person touches the shell of the appliance, because the resistance is greater than the grounding wire, so that you can avoid the risk of electric shock.

Conversely, if there is no grounding wire, or grounding resistance is very large, then once the electrical enclosure is charged, then the danger is greatly increased.

Although now home renovation, the distribution box will certainly be equipped with a leakage protector, but it does not mean that the grounding wire is not important, once the protector device problems, then the danger still exists.

When we focus one-sidedly on the horizontal and vertical, in fact, should pay more attention to the correctness of the wiring, although the line is not complex, but the wrong connection is often encountered, so there are a few points we should pay special attention to.

1, the air switch and leakage protector in the distribution box, double into the double-out switch, not marked, in accordance with the left fire right zero, the fire line must be into the on-off switch, equipped with leakage protection of the main switch must be double into the double-out.

2, with a leakage protector in the tap, the fire-zero line can not be mixed with the line of other taps.

3, the switch of the light must be fire into, to ensure that the case of closure, the lamps are not charged.

4, the socket must be left zero right fire, the uppermost of the three-eye plug for the grounding wire.

5, once a month for the leakage protection, the effectiveness of leakage protection test, press the test button can be.

Some people say, I do not know the circuit, how do I check ah, very simple, home wiring, generally will be used in four colors, red fire wire, blue zero wire, yellow and green ground wire, there is a multi-control switch control line. In terms of the wiring needs just now, just look at the color.


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