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The best tools in the home toolkit: Be prepared for a variety of repair and home improvement projects

March 27, 2023


You've done some repairs over the years, but now you're ready to take on more ambitious projects.


The best tools in the home toolkit


1. Multi-head screwdriver


A multi-head screwdriver gets you ready for a variety of repair and home improvement projects. This one comes with eight batch heads and three extra nut drivers. about $15


2. 35-foot tape measure


Longer tapes help mark larger projects. This one has a sturdier end hook and grips corners better than smaller tapes. about $30


3. Bucket-Liner Tool Organizer


Organize your growing tool collection around an inexpensive 5-gallon bucket and keep everything in sight. this model from Rugged Tools has 64 fabric pockets. about $30


4. drill/driver and circular saw


You'll need these tools to drill lots of pilot holes, screw lots of screws and cut lots of wood for your projects. Because they're cordless, you can take them anywhere. This combo kit offers two popular tools at a very low price. about $93


5. Grade


The Level is a must-have tool for hanging pictures, installing cabinets or laying decks. This model has a continuous edge and shock-resistant end caps. about $30


6. Unicycle


When fall or spring comes, you'll appreciate the help carrying yard waste. The 5-cubic-foot plastic bucket on this wheelbarrow makes it easy to carry compost, soil, mulch and more. about $92


7. Stud Finder


Use this device until you are experienced enough to knock on the wall to locate studs. This stud finder can scan different materials at different depths, including metal, pipes and live wires. about $24


8. Sleeve set


A quality sleeve kit with ratchet handle speeds up any assembly process that is held together with nuts and bolts. The kit includes 40 sockets in different sizes and giveaways, such as extensions, spark plug sockets, adapters and carrying cases. about $12


9. Multi-tool


Strap it to your hip or throw it in your glove box, a good multi-tool keeps knives, pliers, screwdrivers and other tools at your fingertips. This pocket-sized model includes 14 tools and comes with a nylon carrying pouch. about $40

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