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9 Advanced Tools for the Experienced DIY Hobbyist

March 28, 2023

From sheetrock repair to window treatments, you're ready to tackle almost any project, big or small.


9 Advanced Tools for the Experienced DIY Hobbyist


1. Brad Naylor


Installing crown trim is much easier when you can shoot nails instead of hammering them in. When you're on a ladder, this reliable pneumatic corner nailer is easy to hide in your tool belt. In a pinch, it can even double as a pencil sharpener.


Amazon.com about $105


2. Miter Saw


From deck building to finish carpentry, the key to a neat finish is the accurate cut provided by a miter saw. This 12-inch single-bevel miter saw has 14 positive stops and a tall sliding fence.


Amazon.com about $240


3. Laser Level


Leaves chalk line dust. When installing kitchen cabinets and bookcases, simply press a button on the laser level to instantly set plumb lines and levels.


Amazon.com about $55


4. Table saw


The workhorse of any garage workshop is an accurate table saw that can handle longitudinal rift cuts. This 10-inch table saw comes with a rolling stand for easy setup and teardown.


Amazon.com about $599


5. worm gear saw


If you're going to own a corded tool, make it a circular saw that can cut through stone, concrete and wood. Worm drives are a little heavier than rattlesnake saws, but they can handle heavy-duty work. This 7.25-inch saw has a magnesium housing to keep its weight under 15 pounds.


Amazon.com about $199


6. Radios


Whether you're painting a room or laying sod, background music makes the job easier. ridgid's durable radio protects your smartphone from dust and moisture.


Amazon.com about $128


7. Rolling tool storage


For all the tools in your collection, you'll need a rolling toolbox to haul them around. This one has ergonomic handles for easy mobility, compartments for small parts and hooks for attaching cables.


Amazon.com about $51


8. Multifunctional oscillating tool


Depending on the attachment, this tool can sand, cut, slice and grind with an easy-to-control back-and-forth oscillation. This oscillating tool comes with multiple blades and sanding pads and a sturdy carrying case.


Amazon.com approx. $152


9. Random Orbital Sander


There's no better tool for smoothing surfaces than a random orbital sander. This model is ideal for tight spaces and has a built-in dust collection system.


Amazon.com about $29




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