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Best Clamp Meters: Our Top 10 Meters of 2023

August 09, 2023 1 Comment

A clamp meter is a versatile tool that combines a basic digital multimeter with a current sensor.

A good clamp meter will provide you with accurate voltage and current measurements, can perform diode and continuity tests, has a high safety rating, and has a long battery life. This leads to fast and trouble-free work.

On the other hand, a poor-quality clamp meter will constantly malfunction, run out of battery power, and even show incorrect readings. Not fun.

To help you find the best clamp meter for your needs - we've reviewed the top 10 clamp meters for 2023. No matter what your budget is - we've got the clamp meter for you.


Top 10 Best Clamp Meters


Fluke Clamp Meters - Best Overall

 Best Clamp Meter

Our favorite clamp meter on this list is the Fluke 323, which is overall a great clamp meter with tons of cool features. It's also one of the safest clamp meters on the market with safety ratings of CAT IV up to 300 V and CAT III up to 600 V. It also meets IEC safety standard 61010-1.

The Fluke clamp meter can measure AC currents up to 400 amps and can measure AC and DC voltages up to 600V. This model can also test resistance levels up to 4 kΩ. To ensure you get consistent and accurate results, Fluke clamp meters use true RMS voltage and current readings.

clamp gives you a 30 mm clearance so you can measure current without pressing the device against a conductor or interrupting the current.

The clamp meter is also designed to be as compact as possible, so it slips into your pocket when not in use.

The Fluke clamp meter also features a continuity sensor that beeps to let you know that the circuit is conducting with a resistance of up to 70 ohms.

One of the only problems we encountered with this clamp meter is that the port is located on the bottom, which can put stress on the plug and also makes it more difficult to support the clamp meter.

Other than this minor glitch, the Fluke 323 is an excellent clamp meter and a great addition to any electrician's tool list. If you need any more information, you can read our comprehensive in-depth Fluke 323 review (or a similarly priced Fluke 325 review).

We highly recommend the Fluke 323 to anyone who is looking for a high-end, affordable clamp meter.


Kyoritsu Clamp Meter - Premium Selection

 Best Clamp Meter

For customers willing to stretch their budgets further, this clamp meter from Kyoritsu is one of the best on the market.

Like Fluke's previous models, Kyoritsu is equipped with true RMS sensing instrumentation to ensure you get accurate readings without fluctuations.

The jaw opening on this model's fixture is also slightly more open than previous models, extending up to 33 mm. Another area where Kyoritsu wins is its maximum reading. This model can measure up to 600 amps AC and DC, and up to 600 volts AC/DC input.

The Kyoritsu clamp meter can also display capacitance in the 4000 microfarad range, resistance up to 60 megohms, and frequency up to 10 kHz. This model also has an impressive safety rating, with a CAT IV safety rating of up to 600V installed.

Kyoritsu clamp meters are powered by AAA batteries and have a useful automatic shutdown feature to ensure they don't run out of power if you forget to turn them off.

The only downside to this clamp meter is its price - it's slightly higher than the competition (as is often the case with high-end products).

Despite the higher price, we still think the Kyoritsu clamp meter is a good value for professional electricians who need a durable clamp meter that can handle a variety of electrical measurements.


Mastech Clamp Meter - Great Value for Money

 Best Clamp Meter

If you're on a budget and don't want to spend a lot of money on your next clamp meter, you'll be glad to hear that the Mastech MS2109A True RMS Digital Clamp Meter can compete with the best of the best. While this model sacrifices some features at a lower price, it is much better built than other budget clamp meters.

Thanks to this improved build quality, you can rest assured that this model from Mastech is reliable enough to last you a long time, even in busy work environments where it may wear out or fall off.

The jaws on the clamp meter extend to about 26 mm, which is not as wide as some high-end models but still has enough clearance for most conductors.

This model is also suitable for working in the dark, as it comes with a compact work light that lets you see in the dark and a backlit display. To allow you to keep track of the device's power consumption, it has a low battery indicator and an auto shut-off feature.

Unfortunately, being a cheaper device, this model is a bit slower to read than some of the more expensive models we've discussed so far.

Nonetheless, the Mastech clamp meter has a lot of great features and is the cheapest clamp meter on the market.


Hioki Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

If you need a professional-grade clamp meter and are willing to spend the money for it, then the Hioki clamp meter may be what you are looking for. Keep in mind that this is a more professional product than some of the other clamp meters we have looked at, as it is more focused on measuring AC leakage.

This model can detect leaks in AC conductors in the 10mA to 200A range. The device can also measure frequencies up to 1000Hz.

To ensure that all your readings are as accurate as possible, the Hioki clamp meter is equipped with a true RMS sensing meter for linear and non-linear loads.

The rechargeable battery in the Hioki HiTester 3283 has a battery life of up to 40 hours, so you don't have to charge it as often as other clamp meters. The main problem with this model is its high price and relative lack of versatility, as it is mainly used for measuring leaks.


Klein Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

The Klein clamp meter is similar to the Fluke model we reviewed earlier, as it is a mid-range model designed for a variety of tasks.

The clamp on this model allows you to measure both AC and DC currents, making it more versatile than the Fluke model.

This model comes with an inverted contrast LCD, making it easier to see in all lighting conditions, making it ideal for working in the dark. One of the cool things about the clamp meter is that it doesn't require annoying test leads (unlike an electrical multimeter).

To ensure that this clamp meter is as accurate as possible, the designers have integrated true root mean square technology.

However, the Klein clamp meter falls short in several key areas, which is why we can't rate it higher than the Fluke models. For example, the thermocouple readings are very inaccurate and do not feel as durable as the Fluke 323 clamp meter. So, while this is an excellent clamp meter, you're better off with the Fluke 323.


Milwaukee Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

This clamp meter from Milwaukee is another mid-range model that combines ease of use with improved ruggedness, making it the right choice for anyone buying their first clamp meter.

It can measure AC and DC voltages up to 600V, but it can only measure AC currents up to 400 amps.

The clamp meter can also measure resistance up to 4000 ohms.

To ensure that all of these measurements are made as accurately as possible, the Milwaukee clamp meter features TRMS. there is also a backlight that makes it easier to see the results when you are working in the dark.

The rugged design of this clamp meter also helps minimize damage from drops while you are working.

However, there are a few drawbacks that keep this model from taking the top spot, including the inability to measure DC amplifiers, the lack of automatic calibration, and the slightly higher price.


Ideal Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

Next, we have the Ideal clamp meter, which is priced similarly to the Kyoritsu model we reviewed previously in our guide.

This model has some features that help it stand out from the crowd, including a slightly higher maximum current measurement of 660A rather than the 600 maximum current value of many competing products.

One of the more innovative features of this clamp meter is the TightSight display mounted on the bottom.

If you have to take a reading in a tight area and you can't see the screen at that angle, then you can just look at the TightSight screen to get a reading.

Both displays are also backlit, which helps ensure that you can get a reading even without ambient light. The main problem with the ideal clamp meter is that it doesn't offer enough improvement over the mid-range to justify its price point (almost twice as much as the mid-range). Fluke (Fluke) may make your life better.


Amprobe Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

Back to the mid-range clamp meter, the Amprobe clamp meter offers a reasonable price point and a relatively versatile design.

This model comes with TRMS to ensure you get the most accurate measurements and is designed to run faster than the competition.

This model has a CAT III safety rating of 600V and can measure AC and DC voltages up to 600V. However, it cannot measure DC currents, although it can still read AC currents up to 600A. With a frequency range of 5 to 999.9 Hz, it can measure resistance up to 60 kilohms.

While the Amprobe clamp-on meters measure slightly faster than competing products, they are not fast enough to make that much of a difference. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to the Fluke models, and we chose Fluke as our best mid-range choice.


Extech Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

Our next product is this clamp meter from Extech, which has a true RMS value for the most accurate measurements possible.

If you plan on working in the dark, this model comes with a small work light and the display is backlit so you can see your measurements.

The inclusion of a low battery indicator and auto shut-off feature also helps ensure that your batteries last as long as possible and that you know when to replace them. The maximum clamp width is 30 mm and the spacing of the clamps is large enough to allow you to take measurements without touching.

The Extech clamp meter is a relatively standard clamp meter that doesn't stand out from any other models. While there may not be anything wrong with this clamp meter, it doesn't stand out from more impressive offerings like the Fluke.


Craftsman Clamp Meter

 Best Clamp Meter

The final product we're reviewing today is also the worst. the Craftsman clamp meter simply isn't worth your money, especially when you consider all the other options. The first thing we noticed about this model was that the clamp was difficult to open and it felt like it was poorly connected to the device.

This was the first of many signs of poor workmanship that we noticed while examining this clamp meter. The dial and buttons felt loose and you could hear something rattling around the unit when you shook it. It also noted that it measured with up to 1% accuracy, but we had a few times when the readings would fluctuate dramatically.

One of the only good things about this clamp meter is that it comes with a useful belt holster that can be used with similarly sized clamp meters, so buying it won't be a total waste.


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Phillip Daniel
Phillip Daniel

April 11, 2024

I agree with the comments stated . I actually chose the ideal clamp meter . Because of the good things, and the price was reasonable

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