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7 Great Reasons to Explore the Electrical Industry| knoweasy electrician guide

April 08, 2022

Can you imagine living in a world without electricity? Then you probably can't imagine a world without electricians. The electrical trade is a central part of modern civilization.

If you're looking for a reliable, future-proof job, then you've come to the right place. In a world that runs on electricity, there is always a need for the services of an electrician.

This shortage of supply is the reason why the electrician trade pays so well.

Whether you are fresh out of high school or looking to go back to school, electrical training is a worthwhile option. In California, you must choose a school that is approved by the state. And, once you have accumulated the required hours of work and taken and passed a journeyman's test, you will be licensed. However, you can work in the field after obtaining an electrical training card from an accredited school.

If you're considering a career in electrical but haven't decided yet, read on to learn why this is a good path to take.


1. the pay can be great


An electrician can earn a significant salary. In fact, it's the highest paying job in the construction industry (BLS as of February 2018). Over the past few years, electricians' wages have increased. Meanwhile, plumbers and other trades have seen their money decrease.

In terms of pay, plumbers are the second-best paying trade, but the gap has widened. Their work is also more physically demanding overall.

The reason for this economy favoring electricians is a general lack of skilled electricians. After the recession of about a decade ago, many electricians left the electrical industry for greener pastures.

As demand increased and supply decreased, the remaining electricians were able to charge more. The United States is still replenishing electrical skill levels.

In addition to this great salary, there are many opportunities for overtime and self-employment. With time and experience, you can advance to foreman positions or other management opportunities.

There are career advancement options for electricians on every path.


2. Training can be affordable


Better than a good salary, starting to earn money doesn't require a huge investment. Unlike typical high-paying careers, you don't have to take on a lot of student debt to get started.

Like many other certification programs, training in the electrical industry can be much cheaper. And you can work for pay while you train.


3. Career opportunities


There's always a need for good electricians. You can get a job anywhere. Even if you are considering leaving the state at some point. Most places have a high demand for these skills.

This line of business is growing. Not only are there more jobs to do, but there are more different jobs to do.

You will find many ways to get ahead in the electrical industry. If you work hard and keep your eyes and mind open to opportunities, there may be other career options available. Learn electrical trade skills and you will find many uses for them throughout your life. Your help and advice will be invaluable and welcome. And you can easily cut costs and find a side hustle.

Good electricians find they have a safe, secure job with good pay and many career options.


4. Exciting and interesting work


Working with electronics can be tricky. You must have a solid understanding of electrical diagrams, practical installation skills, and health and safety matters.

If you like working with your hands, then the electrical trade is a good choice.

While it does involve physical work, it's not always the kind of exhausting work that makes you sore, even on weekends. It's a good balance between hands-on work and a calm pace.

You need to use your wits and come up with solutions to problems. These solutions must comply with local and national standards and regulations.

You may have a standard installation one day, and the next day you may be checking for faults or testing wiring. It is varied and sometimes challenging work. The people who do this work don't think it's boring.


5. Working environment


How to become an electrician is like a job, the work environment also provides a lot of variety and excitement.

Some people are suited to sit behind a desk in an office for years. That's not the kind of person who becomes an electrician.

You'll be traveling a lot, working in different areas, in different homes and offices. One day you may be working on a busy construction site, and the next you may be working at a slower pace.

Often, no two days are the same because you're not always stuck between the same walls and the same co-workers every day. Even your business hours may vary.

You will have insight into many different businesses. Because electricity is at the heart of all of this.


6. Practical life skills


Electrical skills have more uses than earning a paycheck. You may never need another electrician again.

As a tradesman, you may develop a network of friends with other tradesmen in the industry. By working together, you can do renovations and flip houses. This is a great way to supplement an already good paycheck.

You can also exchange help with the various construction workers you know.

Since you may be working at many different job sites, you may be able to get a variety of contacts after you get your permit. You may be able to find a project to carry out, and they usually require electrical work. Who knows what innovative ideas you can accomplish together?


7. Be your own boss


If your goal is to run your own business, then you have found the right deal. Many electricians own their own business and manage it themselves.

One of the big reasons electricians are so good for independent contractors is the office environment. You don't need a proper office or a fixed location.

Wherever you go to work, you can take your own office on wheels with you.


Ready to explore the electrical industry?


As you can see from this article, there are several important reasons to become an electrician.

If you're looking for a safe, future-oriented job with a variety of career options, then you've found the right trade for you. The combination of moderate hands-on work, varied tasks and a diverse work environment mean you won't get bored.

Getting into the electrical industry is an easy process, and you may be eligible for financial aid to help you pay for school. Now that's a great reason to explore the electrical industry!


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