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4 Valuable Benefits Associated with Independent Electrical Contractor Membership|Knoweasy Tool

December 13, 2021

After you complete your training to become an electrician, you will have many career paths and opportunities to explore. Not only does the local branch of Independent Electrical Contractors offer complete training, but membership options are also available once your training is complete.

IEC membership offers many advantages and is ideal for individual employees and business owners alike. Learn about the benefits associated with this membership and how to use them.


Networking with other businesses is a great way to improve your bottom line, build relationships and grow in the field. IEC membership brings many networking opportunities. Face-to-face opportunities fall into three categories: conferences, trade shows, and meetings.

Conferences feature large gatherings of electricians, including talks, new technologies, and hands-on activities.

The trade show is a product-based gathering that showcases all the latest gadgets and technologies used in the electrical field. You can talk directly with manufacturers and often receive discounts when you purchase products directly at the trade show.

The conference is your focused gathering to meet with other electricians, elected officials, or industry experts. Sessions will stick to specific topics, provide a great deal of education, and allow you to network and connect with others. Some conferences are exclusive to IEC members, so membership is the only way to access them.

Member Discount Program

Attending trade shows is not the only way to receive benefits through IEC membership. When you sign up for membership, you will receive a membership number and ID card, which opens up many discount opportunities. If you start your own electrical business, you will receive discounts on computer equipment, contract documentation services, and a fleet of vehicles.

In addition, software companies offer discounts on management, payment processing, and transportation services. Take advantage of discounts on hotels and car rentals when you travel to various social events. Once you become a member, track each discount and refer to the list of discounts offered by IEC to take advantage of savings on every corporate purchase.

Some discounts also include personal discounts, including discounts for personal travel during your planned vacation.

Online Courses

Take time to expand your knowledge and expertise, even after you've completed your basic electrical course. Membership gives you access to the IEC University eCampus. Virtual courses can extend your learning in several categories.

For example, if you decide to start your own business, take a business course to learn about bookkeeping, taxes, and payroll. Other courses may focus on new and future technologies. With training, your business can adapt, grow and stay modern. Courses are constantly changing, but you can always find new ways to learn.

Training for the future

If you expand your electrical business, you may eventually seek additional employees to help grow your business. Send potential employees through the IEC training program. Part of that training involves safety training. Hands-on training and progress updates will help you track your employees and grow your business.

With national connections, your students can be certified in multiple states, so your company's job options are not limited to just one state. Look for a continuous cycle of new hires to complete the training program. Your business can also offer apprenticeship programs that allow students to work and train directly with your business.

As an IEC member, you can contact your local branch directly and find trained employees who have received the same training as you.

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