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Future technologies to help hire electricians|Knoweasy Tool

December 13, 2021

Electricity is the cornerstone of almost everything in the United States. People constantly need electricians to install, replace and fix electrical problems. If you're looking for a stable career that can expand into the future, consider some of the growing industries where electricity is essential.


Each region offers you the opportunity to work in both commercial and residential environments. With the right training and courses, you can expand your career goals and prepare for the major technological changes of the future.

Electric Vehicle Growth

Electric vehicles have been around for several years, but they have a lot of growth potential. Companies have committed to expanding their electric vehicle fleets. While your training won't involve the cars themselves, every owner will need to make electric connections at home.


As an electrician, your focus will be on installing car charging ports on the exterior of your house or inside your garage. On the commercial side, you can offer your services to businesses and corporations to install electric vehicle parking areas with charging ports. The more mainstream cars become, the more homes will need to be upgraded and installed.

VR headset technology

The virtual reality world started as a gimmick, but slowly expanded as headset quality improved with each new release. While many headsets are wireless, electric work can help enable other features of VR. Eventually, people may come to rely on sensory pads located on walls and floors.


Plug-in options may be needed to charge the headset or provide other interactive components. On the commercial side, entertainment businesses may need complete VR rooms with lights, power outlets, and connectivity to help run longer VR sessions.

Smart homes

The way people use their homes has completely changed. Smart speakers and other devices enable homeowners to use voice commands to turn on lights, turn on music and perform other actions, such as closing automatic blinds. Electricians will help with wiring and power controls. A full inspection can determine if the home can handle excess power.


Wiring through walls, electrical connections, and testing are all basic tasks that an electrician will perform. Some homes may need to be upgraded to handle the extra power. You will upgrade the electrical distribution box, increase the electrical load and help ensure the smooth operation of the home with all the smart technology installed.


Smart home technology only seems to grow and evolve. Homeowners may rely on cameras, thermostats, and other devices that need to be wired and connected correctly. With each new major change, you will be prepared and fully trained to get the job done.

Qi chargers and USB connectivity

Smartphones and tablets often rely on USB-based chargers, but many devices have converted to wireless charging pads called Qi chargers. Regardless of how the device is charged, an electrician can help retrofit the house. Outlet upgrades may include USB ports to help power more devices.


Almost every room in the home can benefit from a USB port outlet installation. Bedrooms may be equipped with cell phone charging stations. Kitchens may be equipped with USB ports for small appliances. The living room can use these ports to charge video game controllers or plugins, smart speakers.


Some homeowners may seek built-in Qi charging stations, so USB cables and connections are no longer needed. The technology can evolve in a variety of ways, but the base product will always rely on electricity.

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