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What is an electrician trainee and how to enter the field?

April 06, 2022


Electricians are a profession that is currently in short supply.

In other words, there is a need for more electricians in this country. But before we can hire more electricians, we need to find more electrical interns.

But what is an electrical intern? How can becoming an intern help you enter the field?

From becoming an intern to earning your electrician's license, here's a brief explanation of the steps you must take before you can start a career as an electrician.


What is an electrical intern?


First and foremost: What is an electrical intern? What do interns do?

Short answer:

An electrical trainee is a current student or a graduate of an approved electrical program. In California, to receive an Electrical Trainee (ET) card, you must attend a full program of classes approved by the state. Some schools will apply while you are still a student, which will allow you to work under an electrician. This student usually accumulates work hours under a master electrician to obtain an electrician's license.  

As part of your approved college program, an electrical trainee develops a textbook understanding of the profession. He or she also gains some first-hand experience in the field.


How to become an electrical intern


To become an electrical intern, the first step to becoming a licensed electrician in California, you must attend a trade school approved by the state that offers a "full program. Some institutions allow you to become an apprentice while you are in trade school. Fortunately, this training can be affordable (one of the many reasons to explore the electrical industry).

So how long do electrical training programs last? The answer varies from university to university. Some universities may take two years or more to get graduates working in the field. Other universities have accelerated short certificate programs that can be completed in less than a year. And, some university programs will submit your T-Card early so you can go to work before you graduate.


Next Step: Electrical State License


You will not receive an electrical license simply for completing the program. After completing your training, you must obtain a state license. In California, you will take an exam. This exam will test your knowledge of the National Electrical Code. You will also need to know the California-specific electrical code. Please note that you must demonstrate that you have the required experience before you can be licensed. After you have accumulated the required time and passed the exam, you will become a licensed electrician. However, your job doesn't stop there.

While you can now work as an electrician, you must complete continuing education. This continuing education comes in the form of additional courses after the code is updated.


Want to become an electrician?


If you're considering becoming an electrician, we have a variety of resources for you. Visit our website to learn more about how to become an electrician.

Those of you with some work experience in the field should share your thoughts (and tips!) in the comments section below. Aspiring electricians will love your advice.

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