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Use the best heat shrink tubing to help securely connect wires ! The best heat shrink tubing to consider for 2022

September 11, 2022

Use the best heat shrink tubing to help securely connect wires


While using electrical tape and ties can help create safer electrical connections, some people have difficulty connecting wires even when using multiple layers of adhesive. This is where heat shrink tubing comes in handy. Used as a versatile plastic coating that DIYers and professional electricians alike can easily apply to cables, these products can also help organize wires for a neater connection. Shrink tubing is a marine-grade product that allows you to put wires underground without worrying about water damage. In addition, they melt evenly to seal the wire, creating a waterproof connection that can withstand tears and abrasion, providing you with a stronger connection. 

Using heat-shrink coated and insulated wire is easy, but you need to choose the right product to help prevent mistakes and accidents. With that in mind, we've compiled a list of some of the top heat shrink tubing in 2022 to help you find the ideal choice for your unique needs and job.


Best Heat Shrink Tubing Buying Guide


Choosing the right heat shrink tubing should depend on the specific job you're trying to perform. For example, when you are installing oil tubing in a pump connection or boat, you need to use marine grade tubing that is water resistant. Durable and strong tubing is ideal for RV electrical repairs because it can withstand a lot of vibration. You can also find heat shrink tubing in a variety of colors and sizes, which helps to mark circuits. And, some tubes are available in maximum lengths of 4 feet, offering some great value. But there are several different variables and factors you should check before choosing a product. So, let's break down the factors you should consider when buying heat shrink tubing. This should help you find something to create a reliable and secure electrical connection.


Choosing the ideal heat shrink tubing


Diameter and length of the tube

You should ask yourself if the diameter of the heat shrink tubing is sufficient to cover the terminals you are using. When purchasing some tubing for connecting wires, you should first measure the length of the terminals you are using.


Number of pieces in the package

Since the number of heat shrink tubing packages varies, you should choose the product that meets your requirements. For example, a pack of 720 pieces can help you with larger electrical tasks, such as setting up a wired network throughout the house or working on a large server. On the other hand, a 275-piece set is perfect for general electrical work, such as patching, soldering, insulating and grouping. 



The second thing to consider is whether the shrink wrap diameter matches the diameter of the wires you need to cover. You should also consider if the product is flexible enough to bend the wire after installation. You can find heat shrink tubing in a variety of shrink ratios, but the most common are 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1.

It's usually best to go with 3:1, which shrinks to about one-third of the original size and can handle a variety of wire sizes. Although thinner than tubing with a 4:1 shrink ratio, it retains more flexibility, which aids in installation.


Size and color

Check that the package contains a sufficient number of pieces and colors to meet your requirements. This will come in handy if you are dealing with different installations regularly, especially if you are naming connections. However, when the circuit you are dealing with is already clearly outlined, the color becomes less important.



Most heat shrink tubing is made of polyolefin, which is a very durable material. It's also strong and won't break or deteriorate over time, so your electrical connections should be safer for longer.



The inner surface of some heat shrink tubing contains a heat activated adhesive lining. When it is heated, the adhesive melts and forces air out, creating a strong, airtight seal. High-quality glue should also be waterproof and leave no gaps, even if it is wrapped around a cluster of wires.


Temperature capacity and other safety measures

The next thing you should consider is whether the product has the right safety features for your particular installation, and you should also check whether it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use - or whether the product is intended for use only inside buildings. When you're working in high-risk areas, choose tubing with a variety of safety features, such as oil, water and corrosion resistance. Making safer electrical connections is important for both the installer and those who will use the connections after installation. Heat shrink tubing helps protect electrical systems, but if the tubing is not rated to withstand the environment in which it is installed, it can lead to many different problems in the future.


How to use heat shrink tubing


You should first determine the ideal tube size and shrinkage rate. Keep in mind that the tube must span its width and length, and it should also comfortably cover any cables or components before shrinking to provide a solid fit afterward.

If the size of the tube cover assembly changes after use, double-check the expandability of the tube by comparing its diameter after shrinkage to its diameter before shrinkage. You should also check the tube manufacturer's recommended heating temperature to help avoid uneven application or melting.

Use ordinary scissors to cut a sufficient length of tube and place or slide it onto the tip. Then simply heat shrink and wrap it. You can use a heat shrink oven, heat gun or even a heat blower to do this. Heat guns are specialized tools for more accurate and complex heating applications, so they may be the right tool for your job, depending on the complexity.

To help reduce the chance of burns when using a heat gun, move the heat back and forth through the tube rather than holding it in one place. You should then continue to wrap the wire until it covers the entire connection area.



The best heat shrink tubing to consider for 2022


Wirefy Heat Shrink Tubing - Best Overall

Wirefy heat shrink tubing is a great choice whether you're looking to repair damaged wires or seal in moisture. This heat-activated tubing shrinks to one-third of its original diameter to help create a secure and tight connection, which helps prevent shorts and voltage drops. When you heat this option, it releases the adhesive to create a waterproof and long-lasting electrical connection. Plus, because the product is easy to use, you don't need professional help to repair a damaged wire connection - you simply slide the wire into the tube and heat it to seal it in place. 

With this double-walled tubing, you don't need to repair damaged wires every few weeks because it's better protected against frequent wear and tear. The industrial grade construction is very resistant to wear, heat, fluids and mechanical stretching making it super strong. Due to all these amazing features, this heat shrink tubing is the best on the list.


Eventronic Heat Shrink Tubing - Budget Friendly

Ideal for many different jobs, this option from Eventronic can also provide you with a rugged and adaptable solution for a wide range of wiring sizes and types. This affordable kit can also be used to bundle wires or repair them. Since it is made of high-quality polyolefin, this product offers some long-lasting resistance to tears and abrasions. Plus, because this tubing is flame retardant, you can be very confident in the safety and avoidance of fire damage in electrical connections.

With its 2:1 heat shrink ratio, this toggle allows you to create a strong connection while connecting different wires. Even if this tubing is subjected to heavy loads or high tension, it should not break or tear. In addition, you can rely on this product for a large number of different jobs thanks to the multiple diameter configurations. This package also allows you to quickly identify the wires, as it comes in five different colors.


Ginsco Heat Shrink Tubing - Most Versatile

From connecting and bundling wires to creating insulation seals, Ginsco heat shrink tubing can help you easily complete almost any project. The kit includes 580 pieces in six different colors and 11 sizes, allowing you to work with different sizes of wire, valves and other electrical components. With a 2:1 shrink ratio, the tubing seals air gaps by applying less heat and creating a tighter seal for a more secure connection. This option also has a wide temperature capacity and can handle extreme temperatures of -67 to 257 degrees Fahrenheit without cracking or melting.

The great thing about this heat shrink tubing is that it is made of durable polyolefin, which makes it more resistant to corrosion, abrasion and tearing. Your electrical connections will also remain intact and secure for longer with this product. This option also comes with a slotted plastic case that allows you to store your tubes in an organized manner for quick retrieval and some added convenience.


XHF Heat Shrink Tubing - Most Compatible

If you don't want to compromise on precision and are looking for a more comprehensive option, then this product from XHF may be a good choice. It features a double-layer construction and is lined with a heat-activated adhesive to provide an even more protective connection. In addition to allowing for faster, virtually effortless installation, this paddle allows you to place a tube in the engine compartment of your vehicle without shattering or melting. It is also compatible with most wire gauges, making it ideal for industrial, marine and domestic use. 

This heat shrink tubing also provides rust and corrosion protection for crimped and soldered joints, so you can use it for wiring in your audio system. It also comes with a rubber liner with incredible sealing properties, providing you with reliable electrical insulation, amazing sealing and high temperature resistance. Plus, the tube has a 3:1 heat shrink ratio - you can even shrink it with a hot air blower, lighter or candle, making it very easy to use.


Innhom Heat Shrink Tubing - The Safest Design

Innhom heat shrink tubing will effectively insulate your wires for a long time without tearing them in extreme temperatures. It also has some excellent flame retardancy and the insulation properties are virtually unmatched. Even at low shrinkage temperatures, the tubing will shrink into a soft and pliable wire wrap. Alternatively, you can use a heat gun to shrink it into place. This toggle also has anti-aging properties that will help you keep the connection intact for years to come without losing its flexibility, making the connection more adaptable and allowing for future location changes. 

The tube also uses dioxin-free construction, making it more environmentally friendly. With this tube, you can easily install or bundle wires, especially if you connect different sizes of wires, as it can accommodate almost any size of wire. Better yet, the product prevents wires from rusting, protects solder joints from corrosion, and can provide easy wire connections.



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