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Usage of Cable Cuttet

June 30, 2021

Cable cutter are often used by electricians, today we will teach you the use of cable cutter and practical tips !

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Operation method of cable cutter:

1. Connect the power plug between the ring transformer and the electric scissors before application (use a power socket with a switch, the adapter should turn off the power socket switch before plugging in the power socket, and then open the switch on the power socket after plugging in the switch power).

2. Every time you start working, point a drop of car oil at the tungsten steel blade and cutting edge cross-type laser cutting place, let the electric scissors full load for a minute, then clean the car oil, and then apply it, which will increase the service life of the cable shears.

3, the power line plug plug (100V-240V) AC current (Note: the cable shearing application is the output of DC9V working voltage).

4. Hold the cable scissors tightly, and the knife head points to the material to be cut.

5. Before the scissors mouth is close to the material to be cut, press the switch first, then gradually cut.

6, according to the material and appearance of the material to be cut, effectively adjust the actual operation posture and moving rate, in order to achieve the most ideal practical effect.

7. When cutting materials, if the motor speed ratio is significantly reduced, the forward speed of the electric shear should be immediately reduced.

8. When the blade is not sharp enough, remove the screws of 3 knife covers and replace the blade. It can also be used again after grinding and polishing with 280# gold steel grinding wheel (when the blade has no large gap and vacancy).

 Ratchet Cable Cutter


1. Clean the dirt in the cutter head on time, and blow it with (wind) air once a day (the wind nozzle is 80MM from the intersection of the cutter head, and the standard air pressure is 3-5kg /cm2).  


2. It is not suitable for cutting hard blocks and strong sanctions.  


3. If there is a stuck situation in the work, the switch should be loosened immediately and can only be applied after fault detection.  


4. Pull out the ring transformer when the worker is not present.  


5, can not be used in the site of combustible organic chemical objects.  Do not use organic solvents to clean the casing.  


6. Non-professional personnel are forbidden to disassemble and install cable scissors.  


7. Cable shears should be placed in natural ventilated and dry areas.  


8, the cable shears should be put into the dry areas of storage, and do a good job of blade rust treatment (coated with a layer of vegetable oil on the blade).  


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