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Twelve big classification of electrical diagrams

July 12, 2021

Electric diagram is a kind of used electrical graphic symbol or a simplified shape or shrink road map and so on to represent the relationship between electrical system or equipment components- the kind of drawings. Electrical diagram, of course, also including text and table.

Twelve big classification of electrical diagrams

1.The system graph

First, we introduce the system graph or diagram, it is to use box and thumbnail framework to represent the electrical systems or devices of a kind of organizational structure, composition, control framework, and so on the relationship between the electrical diagrams.

2. The circuit diagram

The second to introduced is the circuit diagram, it is using standard electrical symbols to reflect the influence of the circuit principle, analysis between circuit, calculation circuit properties but don't have to consider installation location of an electrical diagram.

3.The functional diagram

The following is introduced the functional diagram, it is only used to represent the ideal or theory, the influence of the circuit is to provide reference basis for drawing a circuit diagram or any other kind of figure.

4. The logic diagram

Secondly, we want to introduce the logic diagram, logic diagram mainly use binary logic or not, and so on logical unit symbols to draw a diagram, the drawings we can often see in the digital electronic technology, if you are a electronic enthusiasts, you will often see the logic diagram.

5.Function chart

Function chart is used to represent the action or state of the control system of an electrical diagram.

6.Equivalent circuit diagram

Equivalent circuit diagram of the circuit diagram is often used when we analyze the ideal circuit, this diagram can reflect the actual ideal components in the circuit connection relations, in order to facilitate our ideal circuit analysis and calculation.

7.The application diagram

Next is introduced the application diagram, it can be said in detail the relationship between the program unit and branch.

8.Equipment components list

Equipment components list, each component of the complete unit and corresponding data such as name, type, specification and quantity column into a table.

9.Terminal function diagram

Terminal function diagram: it says all functional units external terminal, commonly used to represent words or letters.

10.Wiring diagram

Wiring diagram, wiring diagram for the electrical connection personnel as a reference, don't need to understand the principle, as long as the corresponding connection each other.

11.Data sheet

Data sheet: the detailed information is provided for a particular project.

12.Diagram or drawing

Diagram or drawing: complete sets of equipment, components in each project's position.

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