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Be An Electrician! Ensure the safe operation of electrical systems in homes and businesses

August 08, 2022

What does an electrician do?

You will ensure the safe operation of electrical systems in people's homes and businesses. You will fix faults and install new systems.

You can set up and maintain electrical systems for projects and buildings, or ensure that street lights work properly.

You can also work on renewable technologies such as wind turbines, 'smart' heating systems and photovoltaic systems that generate solar energy.

You will.

  • install and repair electrical circuits and wiring
  • follow technical drawings, building plans and wiring diagrams
  • Ensure that electrical systems are working properly
  • Find and fix faults in systems
  • Install and maintain electrical equipment, instruments and machinery
You will need to understand the importance of safety regulations and work carefully and methodically. You may be working outdoors, sometimes in bad weather. You may be required to work in high places or in confined spaces.

You can focus on electrician roles such as

  • Installation electrician - you will install electrical systems, lighting, fire protection, security and data network systems in all types of buildings
  • Maintenance electrician - you will regularly check systems to ensure they are working efficiently and safely
  • Electrician panel maker - you will build and install control panels that people use to operate electrical systems in buildings
  • Machine maintenance and rewind electricians - you will ensure that electric motors and other machinery (such as transformers) are working properly
  • Highway system electricians - you will install and maintain street lighting and traffic management systems to signal people using roads and highways.
  • Installing renewable technologies, such as photovoltaic systems.

You can work in a variety of places, including homes, offices, shops and sports stadiums. You could also supervise a team.


You will usually work 37.5 hours a week, Monday to Friday, with the possibility of overtime. You can work in shifts or be on call if you are provided with 24-hour cover.


You will travel between jobs, which may include contracts that take you away from home for a period of time. A driving licence will be useful.

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