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The Difference Between An Electrician And An Electrical Technician

October 20, 2021

Duties of an electrician and an electrical technician

Electricians and electrical technicians deal with electrical systems, but the type of system and nature of the work varies greatly. Electricians may travel to construction sites and install wiring and electrical systems in new structures, or they may travel to existing buildings to update electrical systems and perform repairs on existing systems. They make sure that the right amount of power is safely transmitted through the outlets when electrical equipment is plugged in. Electrical technicians make sure that the electrical products people buy are assembled correctly and work as intended. They may put together the electrical components of items such as computers or appliances. Although electricians may travel from site to site, electrical technicians usually work in the office or factory where they perform their duties.



Electricians learn primarily by completing apprenticeships or planned practical work at technical schools. Their work can be physically challenging, as they may be required to crawl under buildings or work long hours in tight spaces, and physical labor is an important part of their job. Electricians may be responsible for installing wiring systems into new buildings, or they may have to inspect electrical systems in buildings to determine the source of problems and then repair the systems. This is an occupational field that carries a higher risk of workplace injury than most other occupations. In addition to normal daytime hours, electricians may work evenings and weekends. They may also need to be prepared to work overtime due to weather or deadlines.


An electrician's job duties include: 

  1. Meeting with customers to discuss their needs
  2. Checking building plans to determine where electrical systems should be installed
  3. Ensuring compliance with building codes when installing or repairing electrical systems
  4. Mentoring and training other workers


Electrical Technician

Electrical technicians often work in offices or factories. They focus on repairing or building electrical systems. They follow the design plans for equipment and build the equipment's electrical system, or they may repair existing equipment. It is common for electrical technicians to work under the supervision of an electrical engineer or as part of a production team. Although they do not design the electrical systems themselves, they do need to be able to identify potential problems in the design. They also inspect products to determine that they are constructed correctly and operate as intended.


The job duties of an electrical technician include: 

  1. Reading product design plans
  2. Writing specifications and drawing diagrams
  3. Recommending design improvements
  4. Calibrating instruments and test equipment

Related careers

Electrical repair and maintenance workers may be involved in the installation and repair of electrical systems such as automobiles, and those interested in a career as an electrician may want to consider such work to avoid work-related travel. Those considering careers as electrical technicians may also want to consider electrical engineering since electrical engineers design the systems that electrical technicians build and repair.

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