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The Best Reference And Basic Book For Electrical Engineers: Based On More Than 1,270 Customer Reviews

December 08, 2022

It's like the song says, you can't feel it, you can't catch it, you just need to know it ...... because it's electric! Reliable electricity is everywhere. It operates lighting in buildings and homes, machines and processes in factories, and, more recently, even in vehicles. But for most of the world's population, it has a mysterious nature and is only really covered briefly in fourth grade science class. But one particular group has a firm grasp on the subject and is behind its operation: electrical engineers.

Electrical engineers make electricity work around the world, using their knowledge of electricity and technology as a tool to advance this science.


Reference books for electrical engineers

With so many people in the world depending on them to do their jobs well, electrical engineers must use a variety of skills and techniques to manage the tasks they choose and assign. Electrical engineers have a vast knowledge of electricity, and their bookshelves must reflect this. The following books, reference books focusing on the basics of electrical engineering, and more sophisticated textbooks provide a wealth of knowledge about the craft and will give novice and experienced electrical engineers alike a deeper understanding of the world of electrical engineering professions.


Thomas's Best Electrical Engineering Books of 2022

This list includes electrical engineering reference books, electrical engineering theory books, and even a pocket-sized handbook for electrical engineers.


David M. Pozar's Microwave Engineering| Buy Now

Discrete-Time Signal Processing by Alan Oppenheim| BUY NOW

Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers by Surya Santoso | BUY NOW

American Electrician's Handbook by Terrell Croft, Frederic Hartwell BUY NOW

Practical Electrical Engineering by Sergey Makarov and Reinhold LudwigBUY NOW

Geoff Macangus-Gerrard's Handbook of Offshore Electrical EngineeringBUY NOW

Basic Electricity by Dover BooksBUY NOW

Electrical Engineering 101 by Darren Ashby | BUY NOW

Richard C. Dorf and Robert Bishop's Modern Control SystemsBUY NOW

Power System Analysis and Design by J. Duncan GloverBUY NOW


1.Microwave Engineering by David M. Pozar

As any electrical engineer knows all too well, the microwave oven is more than just a kitchen appliance. Microwaves help control and assist all forms of technology that the modern world may or may not take for granted.

Pozar's textbook helps illuminate the invisible power of microwaves for any electrical engineer, covering topics such as power waves, active voltage division, network analysis, filters and more. The text even has questions from the book to test what was learned at the end of each chapter.


2. Alan Oppenheim's Discrete-Time Signal Processing

Recommended on the Internet and cited worldwide, Alan Oppenheim's Discrete-Time Signal Processing is so popular that it has been reprinted for the third time, although many devoted fans prefer the original version.

The book discusses discrete-time linear systems by focusing on broader general concepts rather than transient techniques, and explains the fundamentals behind discrete-time signal processing.


3. Surya Santoso's Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers

One of the most searched terms for books for electrical engineers is "basic books for electrical engineers". This handbook by Surya Santoso contains over 100 expert discussions outlining basic and non-basic guidelines for electrical engineers in the field.

With concepts such as power generation, power quality, material properties, system protection, and measurement, this book will probably stay on your desk from regular use, thus leaving a permanent hole in your bookshelf.


4. American Electrician's Handbook by Terrell Croft and Frederic Hartwell

For designing and installing electrical systems, the American Electrician's Handbook is the perfect resource for any electrical engineer working in the United States. It not only covers the basics of work and installation, but also provides helpful explanations of labor guidelines.

The 2021 edition was revised to comply with the National Electrical Code and the National Electrical Safety Code. It even contains a new section on new safety procedures.


5. Practical Electrical Engineering by Sergey Makarov and Reinhold Ludwig

As with most engineering, electrical engineering is full of understanding details and exploring unseen theoretical concepts. Practical Electrical Engineering cuts in a minute and focuses on the simple concepts of circuits and other basic electronics. The authors have even thoughtfully omitted much of the complexity, such as some of the advanced mathematics and theoretical proofs, so that beginners don't feel overwhelmed.

Although it is written for electrical engineering students, it is a practical reference for most engineering students and professionals who use circuits or must have at least a basic understanding of them.


6. Geoff MacAngus-Gerrard's Handbook of Offshore Electrical Engineering

For electrical engineers in positions that require more expertise, Geoff MacAngus-Gerrard's Offshore Electrical Engineering Handbook prides itself on presenting "practical, ready-to-use techniques that can yield immediate cost benefits. In its second reprint, the book covers offshore electrical requirements and the design of offshore electrical systems for those working in offshore installations.

The book also covers equipment, power distribution, insulation and generators.


7. Basic Electricity from Dover Books

For the hobbyist or anyone interested in electrical systems, as the title implies, Basic Electricity is a basic must-have book for those learning about electricity or for those needing a quick refresher. Created by the U.S. Navy, this book describes the basics of electrical concepts through 21 chapters and more than 300 illustrations.

For circuits, conductors, inductors, capacitors, generators, and amplifiers, its basic but broad nature makes it a classic staple for novices and aspiring electrical engineers alike.


8. Electrical Engineering 101: Everything You Should Have Learned in School but Probably Didn't, Darren Ashby

For the new electrical engineer or the person who just needs a reminder, the title of this book says it all. Written in an informal but informative style, this book focuses on the fundamentals of electronics and control theory, not only how they work, but why they work.

Electrical Engineering 101 is popular with many who wish to delve into electrical engineering, and the reviews reflect this; one Amazon reviewer noted that the book revisits the basics, while another called it a great learning tool.


9. Richard C. Dorf and Robert Bishop's Modern Control Systems

Richard Dorf and Robert Bishop's Modern Control Systems explains the structure of feedback control theory. It strives to be an integral part of the engineer's bookcase as it discusses active global engineering issues and the emergence of green technologies.

By teaching classical control and root trajectory design, this highly recommended book is organized around control system theory and is useful in all areas of engineering.


10. Analysis and Design of Power Systems by J. Duncan Glover

J. Duncan Glover's Power Systems Analysis and Design provides an introduction to power systems that integrates physical concepts with mathematical techniques. The book is newly updated and full of theory and modeling, so electrical engineers can easily apply the knowledge in the text to their practical applications.

Useful for power system design, several reviewers have reported that its logical flow and technical understanding has helped them in their courses and fields.


Summary of the best books for electrical engineers


Most of the books on this list are useful reference guides, but the ones most recommended for novice and trained electrical engineers are Darren Ashby's Electrical Engineering 101 and Dover Books' Basic Electricity, which are low-key guides for beginners. For more advanced reference books, Microwave Engineering also has many favorable reviews. But all of the books serve the purpose of learning more and reviewing various essential concepts. After all, knowledge comes with a charge! We hope our review of the best books for electrical engineers has been helpful. For similar guides, including guides to books for software engineers, books for women and minority engineers, and books to develop your engineering and manufacturing mindset, see our other guides or visit the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform.


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