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The best multi-tool for the home DIY electrician! 2022 Hot List Tools

September 19, 2022

Are you tired of not having the right tools on hand when you need to complete impromptu odd jobs around the house? Or are you annoyed by the overstuffed junk drawer that seems to swallow up all the tools that go into it? If you can relate, then you should consider purchasing a multi-tool so that you always have the right tools to complete your chores.

A multi-tool will ensure that you have easy access to the most important tools. This makes everyday tasks such as cutting, prying and tightening things up very easy. Not to mention that you don't have to buy a separate tool for each task. So, while the number of tools offered in the kit varies from product to product, what you can be assured of is convenience.

We've also included an amazing buyer's guide that will walk you through the entire buying process and give you some killer tips and tricks for finding the ultimate multi-purpose tool. Without further ado, let's get started! This is the premium multi-tool of 2022!


A buying guide to finding multi-tools


Now that you know about the best multi-tools currently available on Amazon, how about we teach you how to buy one for yourself? This comprehensive buyer's guide will do just that and take you through the 101 entries for finding the best multi-tools money can buy.


Factors to consider when buying a multi-tool


Let's start by listing two factors that must be considered when buying a new multi-tool.



This one is relatively simple. You must choose a multi-tool that has all the tools you need. So, let's say you drink a lot. In this case, it would be wise to buy a multi-tool with a can or bottle opener. If you hike or fish a lot, you should buy a multi-tool with at least a knife, pliers and a scissors extension to keep in line with the rest of your kit.


Size and weight

The size of your multi-tool is also an important consideration that you must bear in mind. While compact tools are easier to carry and carry around in your pocket, they can also have small and sometimes inadequate tool extensions. 


You must therefore weigh up your options and choose the one that suits your requirements. Speaking of weight, the weight of your multi-tool will also affect its portability and usability. Lighter multi-tools usually don't have pliers or hammer attachments, but heavier tools are easier to carry.


Tips for buying the best multi-tools


Here are two expert tips to help you make a more informed decision when you are in the market for a new multi-tool kit.


Carrying case

While the weight and size of your multi-tool can affect its portability, you can easily eliminate all these worries with a good carrying case. We recommend choosing the tool that comes with it. You can simply tuck it in and toss the bag into your bag when you leave home. The bag can also be used to store multi-tools when you are at home.



The best multi-tools, like the tools on our best of the best list, ensure your safety by being equipped with the right measures. Sheaths go a long way in preventing cutting accidents. Some small tools, such as the POHAKU multi-tool, are equipped with a locking mechanism to ensure that the blade cannot be accidentally opened. 


What is the true cost of a multi-tool? 


It's best to know the typical price range of an item before you buy it so you can be sure you won't be ripped off or cheated. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to over $100 for a multi-tool. 

The lower price point will provide you with all the basic tools in a mediocre product. If you already have other tools at home and only need to carry a multi-tool around occasionally, this should be enough. 

However, if you do a lot of fishing, hiking or just want to replace your entire toolbox with a multi-tool, we recommend buying a well-made tool that will last for decades. In addition to enhanced durability, the higher price tag brings features such as ergonomic handles, textured blades and more tool extensions.

Brand also plays an important role when choosing a multifunctional tool. So when you dabble in multifunction tools in the three-digit price range, you can expect to see a quality brand name like LEATHERMAN on the tool.


How we choose the best multi-tools


Remember the best list we took you through? Well, our team considered these two factors when shortlisting these products.



At the end of the day, a multifunctional tool that is difficult to use is useless, no matter how many tool extensions it offers, right? So we made sure that all our top choices have ergonomic handles and spring-loaded grips to reduce fatigue during use.



We also looked at the various reviews on the product pages and only considered tools that had premium build quality for them. Durable steel that is resistant to corrosion was given priority. We also ensured that the multi-tools had fade resistant colouring and some sort of warranty coverage.



 The unbeatable multi-tool of 2022


1.RoverTac Multi-Tool - Best Overall


This multifunctional tool kit offers you 14 different tools integrated into one compact gadget. Hammers, screwdrivers, spanners, bottle openers; you name it, this product gets it! All the tools included are made of the highest quality steel, resistant to rust and oxidised for long life. This multi-tool comes with a nylon pouch for easy carrying and storage. In addition, this tool is available in two bright and attractive colours: sophisticated red and neon green, so it's sure to catch your eye when you're looking for a trusty multi-tool in your drawer or toolbox.


2. Gerber Gear multi-tool - runner-up


At just 0.4 lbs, the Gerber Gear Suspension-NXT Multi-Tool is incredibly light in weight. It is also very slim at just 1 inch thick. So, what do you get from this slim package? Well, you get 15 tools, from scissors and files to drivers and knives and more.

An extra feature of this product is its handy pocket clip extension, which keeps this multi-tool safely in your pocket. The tool has a pincer-shaped front end and is very ergonomic thanks to its spring-loaded mechanism. Although the overall construction is not very attractive, you couldn't ask for more from this simple piece at such a low price!


3. LEATHERMAN multifunctional tool - Honorable Mention


Would an article on multifunctional tools be complete without mentioning LEATHERMAN tools? Of course not! The LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multi-Tool has entered the multi-tool market in one fell swoop and offers a staggering 18 tools in its slim construction. This also includes the new wire cutter attachment that fans have been asking for for years.

This multi-tool is available in two colours, but if you ask us, we recommend the elegant black. a special feature of the LEATHERMAN Wave Plus Multi-Tool is its one-handed design. This means that you can easily open the tool with just one hand or use it with just one hand. Overall, the LEATHERMAN Multi-Tool is one of our all-time favourites.


4. POHAKU multi-tool


The POHAKU multifunctional knife also features a convenient one-handed opening design. Available in black or silver, this multi-tool kit gives you access to 13 tools, from different types of screwdrivers to pliers and knives. 

POHAKU claims that the knife attachment's 3-inch blade provides enhanced grip and cutting power. To protect you and your loved ones from this premium cutting power, the tool also has a convenient locking system. You can lock and unlock the blade by simply pressing the button on the design.


5. Desuccus multifunctional tool


As the name suggests, the Desuccus Snowflake multi-tool is shaped like a snowflake with various tools protruding from each edge. There are 18 tools in total, including different types of knives, screwdrivers and spanners. As well as giving it a unique look, the snowflake design makes this multi-tool very easy to carry around in your pocket. 

The product also comes with a key chain with which you can hang the tool on your backpack or key set. On the other hand, as Desuccus claims, this multi-tool is not made of stainless steel. It is made of cast steel, which is durable but heavy in weight.



Q & A


Q: What is a multi-tool?

A: A multifunctional tool is a handy device that integrates a large number of tools in one integrated design. Its size depends on the type of tool it extends to. The smallest multi-tools can be small enough to fit on a key chain. 


Q: Which is the best multi-tool?

A: Without a doubt, the best multi-tool is the RoverTac Outdoor Multi-Tool, which has 14 accessories. So you get a hammer, a pair of scissors, pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers and much more for a very low price. In addition, the low price point does not affect the build quality of the tool - it is superb quality and is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Q: What should I look for in a multi-tool?

A: We recommend choosing only multi-tools that are made from quality materials and are built to last. You must also consider the type of application you need the device for and then purchase one accordingly. Ergonomics and portability should also play a role in your buying decision. You should only choose multi-tools that are easy to carry and have some sort of safety element. This could be in the form of a sheath for the blade or a locking mechanism. Finally, you may even want to consider the overall aesthetics and design of the multi-tool and purchase one that matches your style.


Q: Is a multifunction tool worth it?

A: Yes, multi-tools are worth it! The best products, such as those in the article above, can be an effective alternative to stand-alone tools and can be your first choice for hundreds of everyday household tasks.


Q: Is it illegal to carry a multi-tool?

A: It is legal to carry multi-tools in most states and countries/territories. However, it is still wise to check the knife legislation in your area. Some places will only allow you to carry one for legitimate reasons. If you want to travel with a multi-tool, make sure it meets TSA standards. Although we have heard that some aircraft staff do not allow you to carry even TSA compliant multi-tools, so it is best not to carry them with you for safety reasons.

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