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The Best Electrician's Tool Belt - Keeping all the essentials close at hand

September 22, 2022

How many times have you had to make multiple trips to the garage to get a specific tool when doing something around the house? It can become annoying and tiring. Not to mention, it can distract you and a job that should take fifteen minutes ends up taking an hour or more to complete. Well, what if we told you that you could have all the necessary tools? Sure enough, 2022's premier tool belt will help you keep on task and have all your tools at the ready!

The most prized possession of construction workers and handymen, the tool belt straps around the waist or shoulder and features pockets, pouches and loops to help you organise your tools properly so you can reach for them every time you need them. We'll introduce you to these stunning products and show you how to buy one for yourself. 

So, are you ready to hit your workbench in style? Well, then let's get started!


Finding an electrician's tool belt: a buying guide


We will now explain the benefits of using tool belts, the different types of tool belts available and give you additional tips and tricks for finding a quality tool belt.


Benefits of buying tool belts


As well as making you look like an experienced handyman, wearing a tool belt provides you with two additional benefits.


Work more efficiently

Because you will know where each tool is located, you won't have to fumble around and waste time trying to find the right tool. In addition, you won't have to go up and down ladders or back and forth to the garage hundreds of times to get the necessary tools. This way, the tool belt will help you work faster and focus on the job at hand. 


No more misplaced tools

Because the tool belt allows you to carry all the necessary tools for your project around your waist and in your pocket, you are less likely to misplace your tools somewhere between your toolbox and your project. As a result, you will no longer need to waste valuable time looking for annoying little bolts that have rolled off somewhere, because everything you need will be conveniently organised around your waist.


What are the different types of tool belts available? 


There are two main types of tool belt. These two types are

  • Waist tool belts
  • Spreader tool belts

The difference between the two stems from the design of the belt. Now let's look at the two types in more detail, shall we?


Waist tool belts

As the name suggests, the waist tool belt is worn around the waist, just like a normal belt. The entire belt has various types of pockets and compartments on the strap for you to store your tools. 

A general rule of thumb is that these types of tool belts are usually cheaper than sling tool belts. On the other hand, a waist tool belt may put pressure on your lower back when the pockets are full or when carrying bulky tools.


Spreader tool belts

A sling belt has straps that allow you to suspend the tool belt by redistributing the weight to your shoulders and back. This does wonders for the overall fit and comfort of carrying a tool belt. For those prone to back pain, a sling tool belt may be a better option as the redistribution of weight can help eliminate any unnecessary back stress. In addition, as sling tool belts are inherently larger, they can often be fitted with more tools than a waist belt.


Tips for buying the best tool belt


Before you enter the tool belt market, you must have these two killer buying tips.



Okay, so we all know that a tool belt with heavy tools will ...... well, be heavy. However, some belts are bulky and awkward even when they are empty. So make sure that the tool belt you end up buying has a lightweight design. You can check its weight on the product page or look at customer reviews for a better picture.

In addition, you should always bear in mind that the tool belt should be ergonomically designed to reduce the overall strain on your back and lower back. If it puts pressure on your hips and back, avoid using the bag at all costs to prevent injury.


Adjustability and versatility

Gone are the days when tool belts came in a single size. Today, thanks to adjustable buckles, you can get a tool belt that offers one size to suit all functions. This is great if you want to lend your belt to family and friends, or even as a gift for someone.


Factors to consider when buying a tool belt


The whole tool belt buying process can become quite daunting if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Therefore, to help clarify matters, it is important to consider the following two factors when in the market for a new tool belt.


The number and size of pockets

Believe us when we say that more pockets does not necessarily mean a better tool belt. So, how should you determine the best tool belt for you? Well, you should calculate the number of tools you normally use at home for handyman work. If you work on a construction site, this number will be higher. You should then choose a belt that offers a similar number of pockets and pouches. One piece of advice is to read customer reviews carefully to see if the pockets are also large enough to accommodate the particular tool it is made for. 


Materials and durability

Tool belts are usually made from leather, suede or synthetic materials such as nylon or canvas blends. While leather is the most durable and waterproof, it usually comes with a premium tag.

Suede is a little difficult to maintain but looks very elegant. Synthetics, on the other hand, are usually cheap and light weight. When mixed with the right polymer, synthetic tool belts can also enhance durability and water resistance.

So, whichever material you choose, be sure to read customer reviews of the product and find out what buyers think of the overall build quality of the belt. If the manufacturer offers some sort of warranty package on the belt, then that's the icing on the cake.


Elite electrical tool belts to consider for 2022


1. Dickies Tool Belt


Made from heavy-duty canvas material, this single-sided tool belt is designed to be lightweight and easy to wear. It comes with five pockets - two for carrying large tools, one for pliers and two for mounting smaller tools such as screwdrivers or pencils. The storage capacity of this tool belt may be small compared to other tool belts, but it is perfect for performing small household tasks at an economical cost.

The Dickies tool kit is designed to add comfort to these menial tasks by securing tools and providing easy accessibility and functionality. It comes with an adjustable plastic buckle so you can tie the belt from 32 inches all the way up to 52 inches around your waist. In addition, this belt comes with a one-year warranty if you are not satisfied with your purchase. 


2.Custom Leathercraft tool belt


Made from thick suede fabric, the Custom Leathercraft tool bag is durable and will give you easy access to your tools for years to come. It has three different sized pockets: two large pockets for items such as nails, spanners or tape measures and a smaller pocket for thin tools such as screwdrivers, pencils, pliers and blades.

This multi-tool belt also features side loops for holding hammers and clips for tape measures. It features a belt made of polyester and can be adjusted from 29" to 46" in length. The buckle's quick release construction makes it easy to put on and take off.CLC promises excellent service with this budget friendly tool belt and offers a one year money back guarantee. 


3.GlossyEnd Tool Belt


Made from high quality polyester, this tool belt from GlossyEnd is one of the strongest options money can buy. Thanks to five large and six small built-in pockets, this versatile product has the space to hold most types of tools in place. In addition, it comes with two hammer loops, making it suitable not only for small household tasks but also for construction site work.

With an adjustability range of 33 to 52 inches, this tool belt fits most waist sizes. The quick release function of the belt buckle contributes to its user-friendly design. In addition, the GlossyEnd is available in two classic shades of tool belt - black and brown, so you can choose either to match your outfit or mood.


4.Dewalt Tool Belt


This first-class Dewalt tool belt has 20 pockets for quick access to your tools, so you can work faster. One of the many factors that make this belt unique is its excellent storage capacity. No matter how big your tools are, this amazing product with its large pockets can hold them all.

The Dewalt features an ergonomically designed product with a 5 inch long belt that can be worn between 29 and 46 inches and an adjustable sling for improved comfort and fit. This innovative tool belt also includes a separate compartment for storing your mobile phone.Custom Leathercraft Dewalt's affordable and versatile tool belt is an all-in-one package that has everything you could want.


5.Baffect Tool Belt


Made from high quality canvas, this tool belt is strong, durable and long lasting. The material is perfectly stitched and is unlikely to come off through normal wear and tear. There are several compartments for storing and organising different tools for maximum convenience and efficiency.

The Baffect tool belt comes with a stretchable waist belt designed to fit almost any waist size. Thanks to the heavy duty construction it is ideal for use at home and in professional work. The tool belt is very easy to clean and maintain. Normally, the fabric does not get dusty, but if it does, you can simply wash it with soap and water. the Baffect tool belt definitely offers great value and versatility at a very low cost!


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