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The Best Automatic Wire Strippers

June 20, 2021

Automatic Wire Strippers are faster and less labor efficient than regular cable strippers, and can help you repair everything from extension cords to iPhone chargers. It makes the process of replacing a socket or lamp easy, efficient and safe.

Knoweasy's automatic wire stripper is our top choice because it allows you to strip long lengths of all wire thicknesses and types with minimal effort and error.

Automatic Wire Strippers

Automatic Wire Strippers

The best cable strippers are essential for basic electrical work, such as installing ceiling fans or light fixtures, replacing sockets or light switches, or wiring devices like garage door openers or DIY home security systems. They can help repair all kinds of cables, such as extension cords, chargers, floor lamp cords, etc. They are also important tools for hobbyists working with computer hardware, cars, robotics, and more.

Whether you're replacing an old light switch or selling spent wire for cash, Knoweasy's automatic wire strippers are a great tool to have on hand.


The following is the real evaluation of the customer

1.Mach Motion Products, Inc.

"We bought some Irwin Self-Adjusting Wire Strippers not long ago and have really loved them. It became necessary to get another set with a smaller measurement guide. I didn't want to sacrifice that self-adjustment so these caught my eye after poking around. For the price, how could I go wrong? Half the price of the Irwins at least.

This one has a more precise guide for repeatable stripping that we needed. It's also capable of stripping a couple of wires at a time pretty reliably which has sped up some of our assembly. It has done at least 500 strips at this point and hasn't had any issues. We like a nice simple, reliable design and these have met our needs and surprised us a bit. Less moving parts, simple but strong grip and strip motion, great product. It's mostly made of plastic. I don't know how durable it would be in a tool box, but that also has the added bonus of being lightweight and making repeated stripping a less fatiguing task.

We have lovingly started referring to it as "The Tookie" in honor of its bird-like appearance. This is definitely recommended as a great addition to your tool set."

Automatic Wire Strippers

Automatic Wire Strippers

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