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Best Tin Snips Of 2023: Cutting Thin-Gauge Metals with Ease

February 05, 2023

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A set of tin snips looks like a heavy-duty pair of scissors with thick, durable handles and short, sturdy blades capable of cutting thin gauge metals such as stainless steel, tin and copper. These powerful tools are perfect for home improvements such as replacing sheet metal roofs, installing metal gutters and drains, and trimming HVAC ductwork. You can also use them to create sheet metal art projects.

Some scissors have straight blades, while others may have right-slant or left-slant blades for easier cutting angles. The best tin snips to add to your shop or garage will depend on how you want to use them and your preference for blade style. Check out the popular products below to find the right set of tin snips for your work style.


Best Tin Snips Of 2023

  1. Best OverallMIDWEST Aviation Snip Set - Left and Right Shear Offset
  2. Best ValueAmazonBasics Straight Cut Aviation Snip
  3. Best for Metal RoofingIRWIN Tin Snips, Multi-Purpose, 11-3/4 in.
  4. Best for GuttersCrescent Wiss 9-3/4″ MetalMaster Compound Action
  5. Most VersatileCRAFTSMAN Aviation Snip, 3-Piece Set

Our Top Picks


The following products have been selected based on quality and price. Check out this list to discover some of the best tin snips to add to your workshop or garage.


1. MIDWEST Aviation Snip Set - Left and Right Cut Offset


Tin Snips

This two-piece offset tin snip allows you to cut round, angled or straight cuts while keeping your hand above the material to reduce the risk of being cut or scratched. The blades are made of hot-forged molybdenum alloy steel, heat-treated for strength and durability, allowing you to apply more force when cutting.

These tin snips can cut aluminum, copper and up to 18-gauge steel with a compound lever-cutting action that can increase the cutting force by up to eight times. The shears feature high tensile strength steel handles that are covered with a comfortable grip and non-slip recessed ribs for better control while working.


2. AmazonBasics straight-cut aviation shears


Tin Snips

Whether you're working with thin aluminum sheets, up to 22-gauge stainless steel, or up to 18-gauge steel, these affordable straight-cut tin snips are a great addition to your shop or garage. Serrated edges bite into the material you're cutting to ensure the blades don't slip and increase their penetration.

The blades are made of high-frequency heat-treated chrome vanadium steel for added durability and strength. The handle is made of the same durable metal but has a rubber grip to reduce hand fatigue while you work. The tool has a latch that locks the shears in the closed position when not in use, but you can easily release the latch with one hand to get back to work.


3. IRWIN Tin Snips, Multi-Purpose, 11-3/4 in


Tin Snips

If you're using tin snips to repair your roof, this straight-cut tool is worth a look. The long, drop-forged steel blade is perfect for making straight cuts on large sheet metal roofs, and the precision-ground blade edge will bite into the material as you cut, reducing the chance of blade slippage.

These tin snips also have an easy-close latch to keep them secure when not in use and a compound cutting feature that increases the force you can put into your cuts, making it easier to get through up to 24-gauge cold-rolled steel or 26-gauge stainless steel. The grip is padded and textured to provide comfort without sacrificing control.


4. Crescent Wiss 9-3/4" MetalMaster Compound Action


Tin Snips

Perfect for securing, trimming or installing gutters and drains in your home, these impressive offset tin snips have powerful blades that effectively cut aluminum, vinyl siding, copper and up to 18-gauge steel. The serrated blades help increase the initial penetration of the blade, which also increases the cutting potential of the tool while helping to grip the material to prevent slippage.

Made of heat-treated cast molybdenum alloy steel, these tin shears feature a free-floating design with pivot bolts that hold the sides together, reducing wear and extending the life of the tool. These shears can also be locked when not in use and are spring-loaded for easier cutting and feeding of material through the tin shears. The handle is also comfortable and ergonomically designed with a hole in the handle for easy hanging storage.


5. CRAFTSMAN aviation shears, 3-piece set


Tin Snips

Invest in this three-piece set of tin snips and you can tackle a wide variety of tasks and projects with the right blade for each job. The three-piece set includes a pair of offset clockwise cuts, a pair of offset counterclockwise cuts, and a pair of straight cuts capable of cutting 18-gauge cold-rolled steel and 22-gauge stainless steel. The handles are made of induction-hardened steel and covered with a protective rubber coating that provides a comfortable and controlled grip when using the shears.

Each tin shear is equipped with a latching system to lock them securely when not in use. The spring-assisted latch can then be opened with just one hand, so you can get back to work as soon as you're ready.


Author's personal choice


Shoppers looking for a reliable two-pack of offset tin snips should consider the MIDWEST Aviation Snips Set, which is durable and features an ergonomic handle.



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