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Schematic diagram of accident signal device with central return action

July 23, 2021

FIG. 9 Circuit diagram of an accident signal device composed of a ZC-23-type impact relay.

Accident signal device with repeated central return operation. The so-called central accident signal that can repeat the action refers to the automatic tripping of the circuit breaker, in order to make the duty personnel not affected by the long-term interference of the sound signal, can retain the green flash signal and only the sound signal is immediately removed.

In Figure 9, KSP1 is the ZC-23 shock relay, the diode V and the capacitor C resist interference; the diode V suddenly reduces the primary current on the secondary side that the dry spring relay KR does not move (because the dry spring relay action is not directional).

The principle is that when the circuit breaker accident breaks or when the test button SE1 is pressed, the current increment in the pulse converter T and the intermediate relay KM. after the induction current starts KR,KR in the secondary winding KM has two pairs of contacts, a pair of contacts closed start buzzer HB, sends the sound signal; the other pair of contacts closed start time relay KT1, after a certain delay, KT1 starts the KM1,KM1 back, the sound stops, and the whole accident signal loop returns to the original state.

Sound audio when preparing the second circuit breaker to trip, not corresponding to the starting circuit in Figure 10. The normally open contact KM2 in FIG. 9 is attracted by the trailer signal device (see FIG. 11), so the time relay KT1 and the intermediate relay KM1 for automatically lifting the audio system are shared by the two audio signal devices.

In order to test the integrity of the accident sound device, when another test button SE1, presses SE1, KSP1, can start to sound the sound and return to the original state according to the above procedure. Press the manual reset button also removes the audio signal.

Figure 10
Figure 11
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