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What Is The Meaning Of Wire Parallelism?

August 10, 2021


We often encounter a variety of problems when wiring projects, so what does it mean to parallelize wires?


What does the wire parallel mean?

It means that more than two cables of the same power cores are connected. If it is a multi-stranded cable and wire, then the operation is very simple, because the multi-stranded copper core is soft and easy to connect, and single-stranded hard copper wire manual and difficult to connect, so many people will operate with the help of patented electric twisting machine, which can ensure tightening at the same time to enhance efficiency.

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How to parallel the wiring inside the socket

First prepare a universal connector, because this prop soft wire, hard wire can be connected, and without the rest of the tools to assist, to prevent the past loose tape connections lead to fire conditions, wiring to two need to be connected to the line each inserted into the two ports inside the connector, and then press the snap, so that the connection is complete.

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What to pay attention to when installing household sockets

1  Different functional areas need to be equipped with the number of different types of electrical appliances, the normal bedroom has very few appliances, so it will be configured with 4 sets of sockets, because it usually takes into account the use of table lamps, mirror lights, air conditioning appliances, in addition to the kitchen can not be few sockets, but also give priority to the choice of independent, so as to ensure the safety of high-powered appliances inside.

2 The height of the socket settings should also be noted, the value of the open socket from the ground can not be less than one meter, concealed socket from the ground can be less than 0.5 meters, in order to avoid children touching the jack metal materials, air conditioning outlets should be at least more than two meters.

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3, The socket power cord needs to be configured copper core wire, because the aluminum line is easily affected, the problem of oxidation, especially washing machines, air conditioning appliances, moisture will enter the short-circuit condition.

The above is some information about the wire and line, from the above article we can see, when connecting the wire, must understand its characteristics in advance, and then based on their own needs and the actual situation to choose the appropriate wiring method, so as to ensure smooth wiring at the same time to avoid safety accidents, I hope to help you.

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