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How to use a water line crimping tool? (Quick Tips) 

March 03, 2023

Author: Leb
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How to use hose crimp or how to repair water pipes 


Things You'll Need: 

  • Water supply cutoff wrench 
  • Pipe cutting machine 
  • pencil 
  • gloves 
  • Tape measure 


1. Remove the broken pipe section 


Insert the U-shaped connector of the water supply stop wrench over the flange of the water supply meter stop valve. Turn the wrench until the water stops flowing. 

Locate the leak source. If it is under the house, the pipe may be covered by insulation under the floor. Use a knife or other sharp tool to cut through the insulation. Try not to over-cut the insulation. You need to keep as much of it intact as possible to replace it after work. 

Pull the pipe away from the insulation. Use a pipe cutter to cut the leaking (or leaking) part from the broken pipe. Make sure the incision is clean and smooth. 

Visit a home improvement or hardware store for plumbing and fittings. Most mobile home drinking water pipes are 1/2 inch, but be sure to take the pipe section to a store and purchase the correct size replacement pipes and joints. 


2. Install a new pipe section 


Trim the ends of the old and new pipes with a pipe cutter so that all pipe ends are smooth and straight. Make sure to leave enough length so that the pipes can be fitted together easily without excessive bending or curling. Include the coupling length in your estimate. 

Measure the length from the end of the fitting to the measuring line and mark this length on the pipe with a pencil. 

Insert the PEX tube insert into one end of the new tube. Push the tube firmly into the coupling until it reaches the pencil mark. Repeat this for each end of the new pipe segment. 

Insert PEX tube inserts into each end of the old tube. Push the connector on the replacement pipe firmly into one end of the old pipe until a tight connection is established. 

Push the remaining replacement pipe connector onto the connector on the old pipe. Check to make sure all the connections fit tightly and that the repaired part is not curled. 

Turn the water on slowly at the water supply valve. Check for any leaks or strain areas. Easily back up the repaired part under the insulation. 

Wait a few hours for the insulation to dry, then seal the openings in the insulation with tape. 




There are other ways to attach couplings, but they are more expensive, require expensive tools, and may not be securely secured. If you have old gray polybutene pipes, you may want to replace all drinking water pipes under your home with PEX pipes. Polybutene can eventually leak and you will end up replacing 6 "sections of pipe at a time. 

PEX tubes deteriorate quickly in direct sunlight. Do not install or store it in direct sunlight. 

Many older homes use polybutene (PB) pipes, which can leak and break easily. As a result of these problems, PB tube manufacturers settled several lawsuits. Unfortunately, these lawsuits are now closed.


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