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How to connect power when it is live?

July 02, 2021

In the case of electrified wiring, it is recommended that you do not have to go to the electrified wiring, people have missed, the horse stumbles, it is a good electrician may also have negligence. Here I will tell you about the connection in the case of must be charged, in the end is the first fire line, or the first zero line, or the first ground line.


The first wire we should connect is the ground wire:

The first step should be to wear insulating shoes and insulating gloves, before the operation can start, but also need special care, before the operation can be carried out;

The second step is to disconnect the load under the circuit;

The third step is the ground wire, the ground wire also becomes it as the life protection line, once there is a leakage or an electric shock, the current can flow to the earth quickly through the ground wire, will not cause harm to us, so the most safe;

Therefore, we should first connect the ground line, not the fire line is not the zero line.


Then we should connect the zero line:

The above steps have said to wear insulating shoes, insulating gloves, and to disconnect all loads from the circuit;

Disconnect all the load is to prevent the zero line inside the charged, accidentally caused electric shock;

The zero line has no voltage under normal circumstances, so it is relatively safe. Don't have too much pressure in your heart, so as to avoid the wrong operation and encounter the fire line.

After taking the above measures, we can connect to the zero line, pay attention to the zero line must give the fire line connection to leave more space.


Finally, we went to the line of fire:

Before wiring, we should make sure that the insulating shoes and insulating gloves are in place, and all the loads at the lower mouth are disconnected. Although it is a little verbose, we have to remind you.

When connecting the fire line, we must not be nervous, because all the safety measures are in place, but we should also be careful to wire, otherwise it is easy to cause accidental collision and fire.

Through the above steps, you can cause electrified wiring, connect the line to carefully check, so as not to connect wrong.


Reminder everyone, non-professional electricians do not operate by themselves, very dangerous, hope to help everyone, the above is a personal point of view, if there are shortcomings welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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