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How to choose good press pliers

May 21, 2021

For line press pliers, there are many kinds, many brands for you to choose, of course, there are good to use, there are not good to use, then how to distinguish it, it is estimated that many people do not very understand, today I will take you to know about it


First, a brief introduction to wire press pliers:

A wire barge clamp also known as a wire clamp is used to press the crystal head of a tool. The common telephone line joint and network line joint are made of barge wire clamp.

Pressing clamp is an essential tool for making a twisted-pair connection. Pressure line pliers generally have stripping, tangent, and pressure line three functions. It is also important to consider when identifying its quality


How to identify the true and false press pliers

(1) the quality of the two metal blades used for the tangent must be better, to ensure that the cut port is flat and without burr. At the same time, the distance between the two metal blades should be moderate. It is not easy to remove the rubber of twisted pairs when it is too large. If the wire is too small, it is easy to cut off.

(2) the shape size of the pressing wire end should match the crystal head. It is best to prepare a standard crystal head for purchase. The crystal head should fit perfectly when placed into the wire press port, and the metal wire press teeth on the wire press pliers (8 in total) and the reinforcing head on the other side must accurately correspond to the crystal head without any misalignment.

(3) the steel mouth of the wire pressing pliers should be better, otherwise, the blade is prone to notch, and the line pressing teeth are also easy to deform.


How to choose a good wire presser can be said to be difficult, now the network of wire presser, a variety of brands, a variety of prices of wire presser have, the following side is simple to take you to understand these several wire presser:


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