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Can Electrician Become Electrical Engineer?Four Criteria for Becoming an Electrical Engineer

September 01, 2021

Can Electrician Become Electrical Engineer?

An electrician can become an electrical engineer through education, study and earning a bachelor's degree or something similar. You can go from being an electrician to an electrical engineer, which will be easier for you. Plus, you may gain some additional experience from past jobs.

Are you suited to be an electrician or an electrical engineer?

Here are questions for you to ask yourself that will help you recognize whether you are suited for an electrician or an electrical engineer.

1. Can you adapt to a dirty working environment? Electricians will always get dirty. Engineers are most often kept clean.
2. Do you prefer to work outdoors or in an office? Electricians will have to deal with whatever nature has in store for you that day. Engineers usually work in a comfortable office environment where your biggest weather concern is which employee is always messing up the thermostat.
3. Are you hands-on? Electricians need to use many electrical tools and have strong hands-on skills, while engineers for the most part, pens and laptops are the main tools for engineers.
4. Are you willing to work overtime? The average electrician works 48 hours per week and is always available for overtime. Engineers will work within your normal 40 hour week and schedule "work from home" days. Overtime is not common unless under pressure, usually on a deadline.
5. Are you afraid of heights? Electrical work inevitably requires crawling in attics or working underground.

Can Electrician Become Electrical Engineer?
Why should I change from an electrician to an electrical engineer?

1. Electrical engineers have higher potential

Electricians may start out making more money than junior engineers, but job advancement as an electrician is limited unless you start your own company, and if you are willing to work hard and climb the ladder, engineers have a higher ladder of potential earning power or move to a different position with a higher salary.

Electricians can earn substantial incomes, but have to work long hours to earn above average money. Then there is the period of unemployment during the economic downturn. This makes financial planning very difficult.

2. Electrician jobs are more physically damaging

There are many lung health hazards in an electrician's work environment - chemicals, metals, fiberglass, concrete - and inhaling all of the above in a dirty, dusty, non-office space type environment is the norm.

The physical toll of electrician work is not insignificant either - the various injuries caused by lifting, carrying, lifting, and lifting heavy objects and tools. Standing all day, climbing ladders, and moving materials can all cause damage to feet, knees, and hips. Working overhead for hours a day can lead to neck and shoulder problems.

Electrical engineers, on the other hand, are in much better physical shape with regular hours of desk work and the energy to exercise regularly.

How do I become an electrical engineer?

To be licensed as an electrical engineer, an individual must meet many criteria.

The criteria are as follows.

  1. The engineer must have completed a four-year engineering degree from an accredited engineering program.
  2. Must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering examination.
  3. Must have completed four years of progressive engineering experience through a professional examination; and
  4. Must pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering examination.

Once an individual meets all four of these criteria, he or she will be eligible to become a professional electrical engineer.


The difference between electricians and electrical engineers

To many people, the terms electrical engineer and electrician seem the same, but there are some key differences between the two. 

You can learn more about the differences between electricians and electrical engineers in the "The difference between electricians and electrical engineers丨The contrast between the two professions".


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