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Best Wire Clamp Of 2023: wire cutters that even professionals can trust

March 20, 2023

It is often necessary to grab, hold, cut or strip different wires at any given time. How do you meet these challenges? Well, wire cutters are designed with this need in mind. Wire cutters have a variety of capabilities and qualities to handle a wide range of tasks. Others are designed to excel at specific jobs, while others are capable of performing general duties. Whether you are a technician, an engineer or a do-it-yourselfer, this tool will be your trusted partner. In this review, we have researched the most reliable and safest wire cutters available. Through our independent evaluation, we are confident that you will find wire cutters that even professionals can trust.


Our Top Picks


1. The best choice - IGAN-170 wire cutter

 wire cutter

The IGAN-170 wire cutter is perfect for electrical work, jewelry work and any other wire cutting task. Its jaws are made of carbon metal and the cutter head is angled. In terms of accuracy and suitability, the cutting head of approximately 11 mm in length allows precise cutting of thinner copper wire and easy access to narrow and enclosed areas.


Why it's great

Thanks to its carbon metal jaws and angled cutter head, it cuts wire accurately. The jaws are intensely heat-treated, making them strong and tough. Thanks to the 11 mm cutting head, it is perfect for jewelry making, electronic crafts and other uses. In addition, the small-headed model can cut cables in one action.


2. Runner-up - Hakko-CHP-170 Micro Cutter

 wire cutter

The Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter combines control and comfort in one assembly for your wire cutting tasks. It can cut up to 16 gauge terminal wire and is equipped with a cutting head that tilts at approximately 21 degrees. The tool's alloy composition also makes it wear and corrosion resistant.


Why it's great

Thanks to the precision tool's angled cutting head, cutting wires won't be difficult. This product allows you to manipulate terminal wires up to 16 gauge with a precise measurement at a 21 degree angle. You can use this tool to modify, cut and crimp jewels, thin wires and hidden connections.


3. The most cost effective - IRWIN VISE-GRIP wire stripping pliers

 wire cutter

The IRWIN VISE-GRIP wire stripping pliers eliminate hand fatigue and are non-slip to operate. It is American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified, which means the tool does not sacrifice quality at the expense of price. It's made of sturdy nickel-chrome material that grips and cuts a variety of wires.


Why it's great

These wire cutters are affordable and have machined jaws for strong clamping power. Even with a light grip, these angled pliers give you a firm grip on wires and cables.



4. almost made it - Klein Tools Wire Stripper

 wire cutter

The tool's cutting feature strips gauges from 10 to 22 inches wide and easily cuts wire gauges from 8 to 20 inches. For a better operating experience, the Klein Tools Wire Stripper has a spring-loaded pivot that reduces fatigue during use.


Why it's great

This compact, lightweight wire stripper and cutter cut solid and stranded copper wire cleanly. It has a double-dipped handle for a comfortable grip, and with the curved handle, it can reach into tight areas.


How we chose


In making our choice, we took into account the following factors as well as consumer reviews.



Wire cutters come in different sizes, from the miniature 4-inch model to the large 11-inch model. The most effective model for use around the house is within the 7-inch holder, which sits in the middle range of the model. This size is small enough for precise tasks like framing and sturdy enough to shred a fingernail or a piece of 12-gauge wire. We tried to choose wire cutters in the same size range because, based on expert reviews, we know they would recommend 7 in. to someone just starting.


Blade composition (hardness)

The type of metal that can be cut depends on the blade material. Since copper and aluminum are the only materials used to make cables, many wire cutters will only cut these materials. If you need to cut steel cable, be sure to use a steel-grade cutter. Otherwise, you will damage the blades.



Over the years, we have tested wire cutters and we have come to realize the importance of the handle. Given the repeated pressure that needs to be applied to the handle to use the tool, unpadded handles quickly become uncomfortable and leave painful red lines on the palm of your hand. We see no reason to recommend any model without padded handles, as they do not usually add significantly to the overall price, if at all.

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