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Best Pry Bar Of 2023: Tough enough and easy to control

February 07, 2023

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Breaking bars, pry bars and pry bars are often grouped in the same category, but there are important differences. One of the main differences between a pry bar is that it can often save the item it is removing, allowing for the reuse of the item and leveraging its value.

Given the ability of a pry bar to lift floors, remove trim strips, pull out nails, etc., a pry bar is an important part of any remodeling job. It is equally useful when you are working on your roof or recycling used pallets and other reclaimed lumber. A pry bar can assist with a wide variety of DIY tasks.

While the concept of a pry bar is still simple, there are a variety of styles to choose from, ranging in size from fitting in the palm of your hand to several feet long. Therefore, choosing the best pry bar for your toolbox may not be as simple as it may seem at first glance.


Our Top Picks


The best pry bar must be tough enough to handle difficult tasks and easy to control, as most of the time you want to minimize damage to the items the bar is removing. Therefore, our top choices have universal models and pry bars with more specific features. Read on to discover the best pry bar for your kit to handle a variety of jobs.


1. Titan 11509 9-1/4 inch stainless steel pry bar


This pry bar from Titan is made of stainless steel with a bright, reflective finish, which makes it not only a must-have for your toolkit, but also attractive to look at. The pry bar is strong, but also slightly flexible so it won't break or snap under pressure. In addition, it is extremely resistant to corrosion and easy to wipe clean.

The design of this pry bar is simple, but it contains many useful features. The hole near the top of the bar is used as a nail puller and is also suitable for large head nails and studs. The angled head has a sharp bevel that makes it easier to insert the edges of baseboards, trim strips and other areas to remove them. The flat end is almost perfectly sharp, so you can scrape off loose paint, dirt and other contaminants. At 9.25 inches, this pry bar provides plenty of leverage, yet is still flexible and fits easily into most toolboxes.


2. Tekton 3318 15-inch Utility Pry Bar


Competitively priced, this pry bar from Tekton is made of forged steel, hammered under pressure, and then heat-treated for maximum durability. The 15-inch length and rocker end design are typical of a general purpose pry bar. It produces excellent leverage but is not so large as to be difficult to handle, no matter where you are working.

The chisel end on this pry bar makes it easy to wedge into tight gaps or scrape off unwanted material. Nailers and nail drivers on both ends allow you to use it at multiple angles, and the central nail slot is useful when you need to use maximum force. Tekton is a powerful all-around tool at a competitive price.


3. Dasco Pro 91 Pry Bar Set, 3-Piece

 Pry Bar

While a single general purpose pry bar can be used for a variety of purposes, sometimes you may want it to be larger or smaller to provide maximum efficiency for a specific job. Purchasing a set of pry bars can solve this problem as it provides greater versatility and is more likely to always provide the correct leverage or angle for each different task. With the value offered by this three-piece pry bar set from Dasco Pro, it doesn't have to be an expensive option either.

The kit features three pry bar sizes: 5.5-inch, 7.5-inch and 9-inch. Each pry bar is perfect for a variety of pulling, prying and scraping tasks. They offer great flexibility, and their relatively compact size makes them easy to store or transport to the job site. Although made of mild steel, they do not have the strength of heat-treated or forged tools, but they still meet or exceed the relevant ANSI standards.


4. Mayhew 61366 Dominator Pry Bar Set, Bent, 5 Piece

 Pry Bar

Standard pry bars are designed to maximize physical strength by using the leverage provided by their shape. Often, this leverage is sufficient to complete the job, but sometimes muscle alone is not enough to pry objects loose. The set includes five pry bars with total lengths of 10", 12", 17", 25" and 31" from cap to handle.

Each pry bar in this five-piece set from Mayhew Tools has curved ends for added leverage in tight spaces, and a steel cap on the handle that you can tap with a hammer. The cap attaches directly to the spindle, which is made of hardened and tempered steel with a rust-resistant oxide coating on top. This steel can withstand maximum force applications while still providing a degree of flexibility to prevent breakage under repeated impact. The polypropylene handle is oil and solvent resistant.


5. Crescent Shaped 30" Indexed Flat Pry Bar - DB30X

 Pry Bar

Look at a range of pry bars and you will see that most products on the market have similar angles on the end (or head). Typically, one end of the pry bar is almost flat, while the other end is curved. While this standard design makes them versatile and reliable all-around tools, you will almost always encounter tasks where they don't work properly.

The indexing pry bar allows you to set the head to different angles for a wider range of jobs. For this 30-inch indexing pry bar from Crescent, an easy-to-use push-button mechanism allows you to set any one of the 15 available positions through 180 degrees of travel. The head itself is tapered, so whether you're removing awkward nails or ripping tiles, you can position it for maximum efficiency and power. Featuring steel construction for overall durability, the bar also has eye-catching caps on the end and a comfortable bar grip that minimizes the possibility of your hand slipping when applying pressure.


6. GEARWRENCH 33" Retractable Indexing Pry Bar - 82220

 Pry Bar

Pry bars with long shafts provide great leverage, but tools longer than 2 feet can be difficult to carry and store. This telescoping pry bar from GEARWRENCH overcomes these challenges while providing excellent versatility. The mechanism allows it to extend and lock at any length, up to 33 inches. The pry bar retracts 21 inches, making it easy to work in tight spaces and store in most tool carts and toolboxes. 14-position indexing head rotates 180 degrees for maximum accessibility and leverage.

The pry bar exceeds ASME and ANSI standards for automotive and industrial use, and the tool's powerful features make it designed for heavy equipment lifting and moving or demolition work.


7. Warner pry bar for mold and trim removal


If you hire a professional to paint an area of your home, he or she will usually remove all window and door trim and any trim strips to paint the walls quickly and efficiently. Trim and trim strips are painted separately, so the finished look is clean and free of over-painting.

Warner developed this painter's pry bar for these more delicate tasks. The blade is highly flexible heat-treated carbon steel with no coatings that could rub off and leave marks on walls or trim. The durable polypropylene handle has a soft rubber edge to ensure all-day comfort and avoid hand fatigue. The head is at the perfect angle for trimming and forming lifts, and the center spigot slot makes quick work of nail-covered walls. Although it's a specialized pry bar, it's an inexpensive tool that's invaluable for better home décor.


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