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Best Pliers of 2023: Leverage and Durability

January 02, 2023

Choosing the best pliers is an important decision, whether you're a new homeowner, an apartment dweller or an old-fashioned DIY enthusiast. These gripping magnifying tools can grab objects that need to be removed, tightened, pulled or cut. But there's a catch: the different types of pliers often make choosing the best one difficult.

Whether you're tightening metal pipes, connecting sockets, or trying to grip tiny fasteners, there's always a pair of pliers best suited for the job. The following plier's guide will help, as it crowns some of the best pliers for each style to complete a well-stocked toolbox.


Best pliers for 2023

"Find the right tool for the job." When it comes to choosing the best pliers for a project, this famous quote couldn't be more appropriate. Certain types of pliers can work wonders on some jobs, but fail miserably on others. This guide examines some of the best pliers of each type and describes the tasks for which they are best suited.


1. Best Overall: KNIPEX Tools - Cobra Water Pump Pliers


When looking for universal pliers, there is nothing better than a set of notch fitting (or water pump) pliers. These Knipex 10-inch tools are not only large but also top quality. They are at the top of the game when it comes to materials, grip and convenience.

Regular pump pliers require full opening to adjust. Knipex pliers, on the other hand, use push-button adjustment. This allows the user to adjust the clamp while the pliers are on the workpiece without having to open the jaws.

These forged chrome vanadium and oil hardened pliers are extremely durable. The jaws will provide a firm grip against the toughest and smoothest materials. They can be easily switched from nuts and bolts to pipes thanks to the push-button adjustment. Please note that these jaws create a lot of leverage and may damage the workpiece if not used properly.


2. Best Budget: Irwin Vice-Grip Pliers Set, 4-Piece


For those who want a quick boost to their toolbox, this Vise-Grip pliers set from Irwin will meet your needs and save some cash. It includes diagonal-cutting pliers, sliding-joint pliers, pointed-nose pliers and an adjustable set of notched-joint pliers. Each of these has comfortable, non-slip grips, a design that reduces discomfort and squeezes when the user must apply a lot of leverage.

They are all made of nickel-chromium steel, so they are strong and durable. Irwin also reduces the wobble and movement in most adjustable pliers with precision joints, making them a pleasure to use. They also come with a tool kit that allows them to be rolled up and stored in the bottom of a drawer or toolbox, which is an advantage since tongue and groove pliers can be a bit bulky (due to the thicker handles).


3. upgrade option: Channellock TOOL ROLL-3 5-piece pliers set


Channellock is so famous that the industry refers to all fluted joint pliers as "Channellock". This set of five pliers includes sliding joint pliers, angled pliers, pointed nose pliers and two sets of fluted joint pump pliers. The double set of fluted joints is important for piping applications.

The variety of tools in this set provides most users with everything they need in the plier's world. The vinyl-impregnated handles keep hands comfortable, while the high-carbon steel is built to last. The only caveat is that without chrome or vanadium, these pliers may age more quickly than others.


4. Best for general use: Channellock 526 6 inch Sliding Joint Pliers


This set of sliding-joint pliers from Channellock is suitable for almost any gripping task in the home, and their small size makes them easy to store in a drawer. 6-inch sliding-joint pliers use the company's patented PermaLock fasteners, which replace the nuts and bolts that hold most low-end pliers together.

The result is a tight set of sliding joint pliers with reliable and predictable action that reduces breakdowns, injuries and nut and bolt stripping. Non-slip vinyl grips make these pliers easy to grip, but comfortable enough for extended use. The included shear-type wire cutters are also a nice feature, making these tools perfect for cutting wires and cords - something most other sliding connectors don't have. However, as with other sliding connector pliers, they are limited to simple tasks based on their design.


5. Best for electrical work: Klein Tools 9 inch high leverage pliers


For the DIY hobbyist who is doing renovations or for those who do electrical work, these lineman-style pliers from Klein Tools are the definition of reliable. They also have some great features, including hot riveted joints for smooth opening and closing, knurled jaws for clamping wires and fasteners, and induction-hardened cutting knives for cutting tough cables with ease, as well as scribing and stripping coatings.

Klein designed these tools to add leverage by moving the riveting joint closer to the cutting teeth, so even users without a lot of grip power can cut thick gauge wire. One of the best features is the impact-absorbing tempered handle, which is a great feature for those making repetitive cuts. Please understand that as a set of heavy-duty professional grade pliers, they weigh about 1 pound, which is a bit heavy. 6.


6. Best for cutting wire: Irwin Vice-Grip Slant-Nose Pliers


The purpose of diagonal cutters is very clear: their only job is to cut things. When a tool has only one job, it's best to get it right. the Irwin Vise-Grip diagonal-cutting pliers cut down on the long wire and cable jobs. Its nickel-chromium steel construction makes it tough and durable, while the cutting edges are induction hardened.

With these hardened cutting edges, they will stay sharp for many typical DIY projects (whether it's cutting wire or pulling nails out of a nail gun). For extremely tough materials, the overmolded and rubber-finished handles are non-slip and comfortable, reducing muscle and joint fatigue. They're also long enough to provide the user with plenty of leverage. Keep in mind, however, that these pliers are not suitable for fasteners such as nuts and bolts, as they have a small clamping surface area.


7. Best for small spaces: KNIPEX Tools Long Nose Pliers with Cutter


In many cases, a good set of sharp-nosed pliers is the only tool to get the job done. When it comes to repairing electronics, car wiring, or even children's trampolines, sharp-nosed pliers are the way to go. They can reach into tight places, add leverage, and even force springs into place.

This set of long-nose pliers from Knipex is a quality choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. It uses the same chrome vanadium steel as the other tools in the Knipex line and features the company's oil-hardened finish for long life. The built-in cutting edge allows for problem-free cutting and stripping of wire, while the semi-circular jaws make it easy to bend the end of the wire into the perfect hook. With all of these features, these pliers are a great tool for wiring projects and low clearance situations. However, be aware that their grip is not as strong as standard pliers. 


8. Best for locking: Irwin Vice-Grip original locking pliers with wire cutters


With a knurled adjustment knob and trigger release for easy opening and closing, Irwin Vise-Grip's Original Locking Pliers are suitable for DIY mechanics, cyclists and all-around hand types because they offer a solid grip and lots of leverage. The knurled adjustment knob has a hex wrench fitting for fine-tuning the grip of the pliers when they are clamped in place.

These locking pliers allow the user's hands to focus on dexterity rather than squeezing to remove stubborn fasteners. For many projects, they can lock the fastener or accessory and keep it in place, freeing up hands to handle other aspects of the project. They also feature a curved jaw design for round items. They are made of heat-treated, high-grade steel, so they should last a while. Keep in mind that this set is big and heavy, so it may be too big for the tool belt.


Our verdict


For anyone who needs a full set of quality pliers, the versatility and design of the KNIPEX Tools Cobra Water Pump Pliers are unmatched. But if the job calls for variety, the Channellock TOOL ROLL-3 Pliers 5-piece set gives you a wide range of options.


How do we choose the best pliers


When listing an important tool like pliers, takes a lot of time, product research and personal experience. We compared many products and narrowed our list down to the best.

First, we compared materials and prices to ensure that the pliers we recommended offered good value for the steel. Next, we compared features and types to make sure we had something for every situation. Finally, we used our first-hand experience with all of these tools to earn awards in their respective categories.

Through these comparisons and experiences, we were able to list the best pliers on the market, making buying these tools a little easier.


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